Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Denzel Debate

Denzel Washington... put the camera DOWN. You can act your ass off, but you can't direct to save your life.

Seriously, the fact that this was a 'black' movie has helped MR. Washington with the critics. They would NEVER give a white director this much praise for directing like that. Terrible over-acting, rushed sequences, murky story development. It was a mess.

Golden Globe nomination for best picture? You've got to be out of your tree-hugging, socialist-loving, white-guilt-riddled minds! The Great Debaters has a few interesting scenes and some decent social commentary. At best, it is a mildly interesting socio-pic (my word; can't nick it).

At least the white guilt wasn't bad enough to warrant a best director nod. Even that would've been too much for those hippies.

Thank You Lord For My Girlfriend That I Am About To Eat

Texas Man Claims God Told Him To Kill Girlfriend

Thank God for Protestantism, huh???? Martin Luther said who do you priests think you are; you can't be the only interpreters of God's revelation. Every man, woman (sometimes), and child should be able to hear from God themselves.

Maybe the priests had a point.

(January 8, 2008)--Friends and family of a 21-year-old who East Texas woman police say was killed and mutilated by her boyfriend tried to put aside the grisly details of her death.

Friends of Jana Shearer continue posting tributes and goodbyes on what appeared to be her MySpace page.

Police say Shearer appeared to have died from blunt trauma to her head. story

Friday, January 04, 2008

What What What!?

Happy New Year! We're Going Into A Recession! Yay!!

What a buzzkill. Not more than a few days after ringing in 2008, the jobs numbers came in today and nobody's doubting a recession anymore.

I was on the bullish side at first, but these numbers are just too obvious that something serious is coming around the corner.

Strap in, it's going to be a rough year. story