Monday, November 30, 2009


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Monday, August 24, 2009

How Do They Do It?

Italian guys dress to the t's and don't look like fairies doing it. I need to take some notes.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Psycho psychology

So some crazy guy walked into a Pennsylvania gym yesterday and killed himself after killing three and injuring nine others. He had a blog that outlined his plans. He claimed to not have had a girlfriend in 25 years. No sex since 1990. Loneliness killed this man.
From his blog:

"I have slept alone for over 20 years. Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Proof I am a total malfunction. Girls and women don't even give me a second look ANYWHERE. There is something BLATANTLY wrong with me that NO goddam person will tell me what it is."

Crazy gunman are always single. Personal relationships aren't optional--they are mandatory to healthy living. The church is wrong to discourage young people from dating. We should date more. If guys had more game, we'd see less crazy activity from them. A guy who is getting some on a regular basis will never walk into a building guns blazing. He'll be too busy washing his sheets from the crazy night before. He won't kill himself if he has three dates lined up for the weekend. Dating coaches should get some stimulus money--they're doing the lord's work.

I said it before, I'll say it again--happiness is having the people you like, like you back.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lady Gaga, Can't Help You Sister

I love Lady Gaga but I got nothing to say for this outfit. Her outfits were quirky, then avant garde, and now, just beyond belief.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Graph of the Day

Say It Ain't So - Billy Mays

Legendary pitch man, Billy Mays, died of what is believed to be a heart attack. He was the man. Nobody could sling products like him. Obviously there's no God, cause if there was, he would've been selling shit into his 80's.

Instead of a clip of him selling stuff, how about one of him ordering from a drive-through (in his Bentley, life was good).

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Witness Story

Some people have seen some terrible things. Very interesting story.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Michael Jackson died today of heart failure. He was the man. I hope he gets a good send off party. I'll just dedicate my favorite jam of his.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Movie Jams

The summer movie season is in full swing I got to see a few of the hits.

Star Trek

The Onion said it best with the headline Trekkies bash new Star Trek film as "Fun, Watchable." This movie was good and I hope the nerds weren't mad because it wasn't technical enough about the Star Trek universe. J.J. Abrams created his own version of the show and characters, and got the screenwriters to pen a classic boy-in-footsteps-of-father theme. That's pretty much all it took to get a blockbuster hit.

On the social side, I wonder how the father-son theme plays with young males. I know a guy who I thought was a prime candidate for that movie when I saw the previews. He's searching for his father in everything he does. He's lost and I feel bad for him sometimes. I knew he'd be drawn to this movie. Just as I suspected, he thinks it's the best movie of the year. I don't think it was the special effects or the great scenery that got him.

I think he was thrilled to sit for an hour and a half and see a character conquer every young man's biggest fear; will he be able to stand in his Dad's shoes and succeed. Many young men are afraid that they won't be fully actualized into the great men that they think they can be, or that their fathers were.

We need stories like Star Trek to remind us to keep fighting and believe that we can be just as good as our Dads, or better. That theme will be used over and over. Hopefully, moviemakers will put it in their movies to help guys figure out their way. But I'm afraid that most movies will use it as a gimmick to lure unhealthy men into the theater. They know how broken guys out there are, and they can capitalize on it. That's the only thing I didn't like about Star Trek. It felt fake. The father-son theme was thrown in there because it hits so deep with young, scared men. They will flock to this movie and not know why they like it so much. It's not the effects, it's not the acting, it's the temporary freedom from fear.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Taylor Swift and T-Pain are great in a spoof they did for the CMT Awards.

"Wait... I didn't even say anything."

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sorry, yall. My internet's been down for a week now. I'm trying to get it back up by this weekend. How's the world been treating everyone? I'm good. I'll update you as soon as I can. Gotta run back to class now.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Race War Will Not Be Televised

This country will never get over the race thing. White people have messed themselves up forever with that slavery thing. The new police shooting story is case in point. story

A white New York cop is under investigation after he shot and killed an off-duty black cop.
This is only a big story because a black officer was shot. I don't get what the big deal is. Everyone agrees that shooting mistakes happen. And since there are now almost as many black cops as white ones, it's a mathematical certainty that a white cop is eventually going to shoot a black one.

Of course we don't hear the stories of black cops accidentally shooting white ones (as if the racism could never be reversed). And we don't hear about the black cops shooting other black cops, as if there's no way people of the same race could not be racist towards each other.

We are living out a corny movie plot. There's still this romantic notion of the black man rising against the injustice of the white man that is poisoning the way the country works together. It's probably because the romance sounds much better than the simple fact that most cops are stupid and unqualified and make stupid mistakes sometimes.

What's so crazy about the idea of mistaken homicide, anyway? How come black people can't recognize that mistakes can happen towards them? It's insanity to think that black-on-black mistakes and white-on-white mistakes are normal, but as soon as a black guy gets shot by a white cop, it's automatically considered to be purposeful and racially motivated?

There's got to be something else going on that's making us so short-sighted. Black people are still mad as hell about the past. We can't get over it. We never will. White people are unforgivable. They can vote for a thousand black presidents, we will NEVER get over it. We will hate white people for EVER.

Its funny because I could imagine every statistics professor pulling his hair out with stories like this one. It is guaranteed that a black person will eventually be accidentally shot by a white cop. Guaranteed. No emotions, just simple math at work. If a blind robot was given a gun and started shooting down a crowded street with 500 white and 500 black people, it would only take about eight shootings to guarantee that a black person was shot. Is the robot racist? Would anyone posit something so stupid? Maybe they would if the robot was replaced with a middle-aged white guy with a buzzcut.

Even knowing the odds we still can't stand the fact that a black person was killed by a white man. It hits us deep down. We will never get over that no matter how many math lessons we get.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey Look Who It Is

I got to meet one of my comedy idols on Sunday. I was wandering around Cityplace and saw Andy Dick's name on top of the Improv marquee. I was mad that I missed the show. But then I saw him standing at the door trying to get back in. I said wehat's up to him and we chatted about the Adam Carolla podcast he was on and his web show "House Arrest." He's a cool guy. Now I just have to meet Scarlett Johansen and the Mighty Putty guy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ignorance Is Bliss

I had to unsubscribe from the Palm Beach Post news feed. Way too depressing. I know it's the truth about what's happening around town, but I seriously don't want to hear about it. From the first day I signed up about a week ago I have read the saddest and creepiest stories of stuff happening around town. I drew the limit today when I read that a school bus driver was fired for not doing anything when a high-schooler raped a pre-school student on her bus. First off, Why did she not say anything when a student was being sexually assaulted on the bus. And secondly, high-schoolers are raping four-year olds now? Wtf West Palm Beach!? story

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bless Us. Or Else...

The president has to say God Bless the United States of America at the end of every speech. Why does he have to do that? If he's saying it because he really loves America and its really on his mind, the fine, say it. But I don't think that's the situation. I think he's forced to say it to shut up the idiots who would think he's unpatriotic. Why are people being that stupid. Leave the guy alone. He doesn't have to say I love America every damn second or else he's a communist.

Obama wore a flag pin over his tux at his inaugural ball. It seemed so out of place. He's a stylish guy, I don't think he wore because he wanted to. Some aide probably advised him that it would be best. Was it like that for George Bush? I don't remember for sure, but I don't think he had to prove how much he loved America every minute of the day.

I would just say "Thanks for having me, have a good night. Pack up your shit, and make your way to the nearest exit. And God bless my patience for having to deal with you retards."

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Watch That Show? Why?

The Grey's Anatomy season finale just aired last week. It was a good season. It's hard for me to tell people I like that show. I mostly don't care, but people really hate that show. I get the most puzzling looks from people whenever I mention it, so I just stay mute about the show usually. I really think it's a good show though. And it gets much more flak than it deserves.

It's kind of a continuation of my growing appreciation for fiction. You ever heard someone say, real condescendingly, something like "I don't read fiction. I'm more of a non-fiction type person. There's so much to learn about the world; why should I waste time reading made up stories." I know about it because that's what I used to think.

We say that about books, but we'd never say the same thing about tv or movies. There are many stories that we've heard that have taught us more about life than any textbook or instructional manual. No one can say that the Godfather didn't reveal truths about human nature. Or that Shawshank Redemption can't teach a lot about life. These are vastly made up, fictional, make-believe stories, that absolutely tell nothing but the hard truth. I have found great value in fiction lately.

Grey's Anatomy is largely a fictional world. But the tendencies of human nature are intact. And when the show really does it well, they end up revealing more about true life than the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Okay so they lay it on real thick sometimes. And it does get way too syrupy sometimes. And yes, the Izzy Stephens character has the weakest story lines and makes the show very hard to enjoy sometimes. I know, I know, it can be real corny sometimes. But I think the occasional corniness is well worth sitting through because of when they do it right. When they line up the stories, the images, the music, and the characters together perfectly, the show is unlike any other that I've ever seen.

I've had an experience with that show that I've never had with any other. The particular show had some theme: guilt, forgiveness, or something like that. They set it up nicely. They started driving the point really well. They flipped it around and looked at it from a few different angles. Then they drove it some more. And at one point, I couldn't believe that i was watching something that good. My eyes and ears couldn't believe that a tv show could talk about a certain subject so well.

I never really care about the shows I watch. They're just shows to me. But I have spent many nights thinking some questions that were brought up in Grey's. You can't just watch it and turn away and forget about it. There are questions that the show asks you that you sometimes don't have the answer to. It forced me to think many times about what I really believe about the way things should be. I appreciate the show for that. It has challenged me to think about some serious shit. What other show does that? Seriously think about what show forces anyone to maybe rethink their reality on a weekly basis? I can't think of any other, and until then I'll keep enjoying my show.

Mrs. Officer

A man got pulled over by a female police officer. She ordered him to exit the vehicle and said, " Anything you say can and will be used against you." He replies, "Breasts."

I've had an unusual amount of run-ins with cops lately. None of them hot.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Are You Worth It?

Simple question: When you meet someone, do you expect them to like you or not? Yes? You sure? What about if its someone you REALLY want to meet. A hot guy or girl, a celebrity. Would you EXPECT them to like you? My prediction is that most of us will crawl into our minds and over analyze what we do and say when our feelings are on the line.

One thing researchers have noticed is that the most attractive people are the ones that expect good things from life. Maybe those "Secret" people were on to something. When you approach someone, they will usually take cues from you as to how to behave. People have a keen sense when it comes telling if someone likes themselves or not.

The old dating advice, "Just be yourself," isn't good enough. If you're just some shlub living in his mom's basement playing Warcraft all day, don't be yourself. Be your best self. We all have an image of ourselves in top form. Maybe it's an experience we had where we were the in the zone, fully confident, and at our peak. Too bad it doesn't stay that way. It seems hard to conjure up that moment again. Cause if we could, we'd be "the man" every single day.

There may not be a magic mojo pill yet, but we can start by appreciating ourselves. We can start by treating ourselves better. To stop with the negative thought loops and start believing in ourselves. Most of us aren't as bad as we think.

I went out and had great night in terms of meeting new women. Funny thing is, the only thing different I did before I left the house was making a determination to be nicer to myself. I didn't compare myself to anyone. If I said the wrong thing, I didn't say to myself "that was stupid." I told myself it's okay. I gave myself a lot leeway to just enjoy myself and let things go good or bad.

Be nice to yourself today. You deserve it. Go out. Have fun. Laugh at those that are consumed with anger. By following these steps you are giving yourself permission to be the happy, confident, sexy person you know you can be.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Color It Up

Note to self: Dark jeans with a cream top look good together.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Rules Rule

A new survey shows that the U.S. incarcerates more of its population than any other country, and a higher percentage too. Is that a good or a bad thing? It's a good thing! Criminals try stuff in every country, but the U.S. has the system in place to deal with their problem.

Countries can't grow without the rule of law. I'm glad Haiti's new prime minister seems to get that. PM Michele Pierre-Louis, who was elected last September, has repeatedly mentioned that the rule-of-law and the attraction of investment are the main things that Haiti needs to turn around.

A free-market leader in Haiti? Could you imagine how great that would be. I'm excited for her. I hope she cleans the government up.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stay Hungry

Here' a good link to a talk Tony Robbins did. It's a story about Sylvester Stallone's drive to get what he wanted. Real inspirational. I have to stay hungry no matter what. I'll admit, I sometimes let the easy nature of South Florida affect my drive. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I don't feel like anyone is really chasing anything around here. Everyone's "chillin." We're chillin our way to mediocrity. Maybe a change of venue is necessary.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The President Flickrs

The White House has a Flickr account with some decent pics. It's nice to have a good-looking first-family. Everyone seems to be enamored by the Prez's swag. Play on playa.

And seeing him in the office with all the pomp and circumstance is inspiration to keep working to get a piece of the glamour pie too.

(click images to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool Apps - Video2mp3

Video2mp3 lets you easily convert Youtube videos into mp3 files. This app could've really saved my hide a few weeks ago. I wanted to make a cd from something I heard on there. But I'm about as web savvy as I am girl savvy, wait... tmi?

There are some nice possibilities with this app. There's a speech at the end of Memento that I love. Now I can carry it around with me. Charlie Rose episodes, movie clips, university talks, old music where no cd's exist. All available with the app now.

(A clip from Memento that I'll def convert. I skipped to the good part.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Start Your Days Right

From Self-Improvement Blog:

Behind a successful man, is not only a successful woman, but a regime of good and regular habits. This means that to be successful in life, you have to keep and eye on and modify your habits.

Basically, the habits you follow in life develop through actions that are done repeatedly enough for the neurons in your brain to create a pathway. It is through this pathway that these neurons tend to move quickly when triggered. And this is how your habit is formed.

Habits can be developed consciously, or by choice where your repeated action slowly creates pathways without your knowing it. The difference between these two types of habits is that those which are followed consciously have room for modifications and improvements while habits that develop sub-consciously don’t offer much room for development as you had started it unknowingly. So it is better to start these 6 habits consciously, as they will then give room for improvement in yourself, and your life.

1. The first habit to develop is to maintain a great morning routine. With a great start to your day you will be able to do much more in a day. Start your day with rituals that are most beneficial to you like stretching, giving thanks and connecting with and to others.

2. The second beneficial habit to develop is to take time out in your day to exercise, go for a walk or to do some yoga. By devoting time to physical exercise, you can not only improve your health, but also develop more clarity in the focus of your life.

3. Develop the third helpful habit of periodically checking in on your work. This habit helps you know where you stand, and what you can do to make improvements in your work. To help remind you of these periodical checks, you can use an organizer to pen down your schedule and notes.

4. The fourth healthy habit to develop is to devote developmental time every day or week. This developmental time works at developing and reaching your goals with regular practice and hard work.

5. Habit number five is to maintain a weekly organizing session. It is through this session that you understand and realize what you are actually doing in life, and find out how it is possible for you to take things to a new level.

6. And last, but not least, maintain a habit of healthy eating. It is your food that makes you; so by eating healthy food, you remain healthy enough to reach your goals and be successful in life.

I agree with most of that. I hate exercising though. And I eat like a raccoon: whatever is around will do.


From Rasmussen:

Only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 20% disagree and say socialism is better. Twenty-seven percent (27%) are not sure which is better....

So the country thinks its a toss-up between socialism and capitalism. There are some arguments that aren't even worth having anymore. We can go ahead and stop defending free-markets and start getting comfortable with holding our hand out so the government can take care of us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jam Out With Jam Legend

Have too much time on your hands. Waste a bit of it with JAmLegend. Let your inner Hendrix out with 100s of songs to choose from. It's fun, it's free. Rock out. here

So Fresh and So Clean!

Don't you love the feeling of new batteries in your electric toothbrush. I brushed for like ten minutes. The day got even better when I found this Swedish band. MOVITS baby!

Thanks Aurgasm!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They're not just Pirates

Who says the pirates are just after money. Quote from Somali pirates.

"Our latest hijackings were meant to show that no one can deter us from protecting our waters from the enemy because we believe in dying for our land,"

Fighting for our land? Doesn't sound like Captain Jack to me. These guys are serious terrorists. Al Queda with a tan. story

Palm Beach, How Could You Be So Heartless

I got pulled over the other day and was informed that my license was suspended because of a ticket I didn't pay. I couldn't remember the last time I had gotten a ticket. Come to find out it was from 2003! Yes, it was lurking in the system for six years. And I thought my ex couldn't forget stuff!

The clerk rep told me that they hired someone to root through the system to find any unpaid fines that people forgot about. I think the county is running out of money and some consultant came by to show them how to get more funds. It's technically money that they're owed, but it still felt like I was being scammed. If this happens to anyone else please let me know. If it happens to enough of us, we can march to city hall and throw bricks through the window. We haven't had a good American riot in a long time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Eat It Kanye

South Park dealt with Kanye West last night with its episode Fishsticks. He even wrote a blog this morning saying how they might be right about his ego:

(His caps, not mine)

America has given Kanye an intervention. Now it's time for asshole rehab. The "voice of our generation," as he described himself once, might finally shut his trap for second. Watch the episode when you have 20 minutes to spare. Fishticks

Thursday, April 09, 2009

From StumbleUpon

They say the internet is making information available quicker than before. How's this to prove them right:

Zappos has made shoe sales available online in real-time. You can see what shoes people are buying at any moment around the country. Zappos Map

Cool or Pointless, you decide?

Rock Out

What To Do...

The internet is a big place. There is so much going on. Sure, everyone knows it's big, but I didn't know there was so much good stuff happening that no one's ever heard of. It's tough to keep up with everything.

Finding something good on the internet is like finding a needle in a haystack. The solution: a huge magnet. Passing a huge magnet over a haystack will pull the needle to you.

Stumbleupon, Google favorites, Youtube favorites, Google Reader, and Twitter are just a few of the magnets out there. I'm shocked everyday when I find more new sites to check out in my inbox. It'd be hard to post them all. Here's a good one.

8tracks - Users make playlists with eight songs. I have a few mixes on there myself. search Beautiful Music for Beautiful Women.

Here's some decent photography from alice

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Words of Wisdom

Stop In the Name of My Law

I try to mouth off to every cop that I come in contact with. It's almost Pavlonian, the way I switch to an anti-government revolutionary as soon as I get pulled over. So when I hear a cop lost his job becuase he abused his authority, I feel that justice is finally being served.

Officer Robert Powell has resigned after he held NFL player, Ryan Moats, outside of a hospital while his mother-in-law was dying inside. Moats passed a red light and ignored the officer's lights and sirens. His mother-in-law did die and the cop is in a lot of trouble now for being such a prick.

The cop probably got pissed when the player ignored the lights and kept driving. I know because I've done the same thing. I drive an extra mile or two when I think a cop is pulling me over for something stupid. They hate that.

I was late for work once and I was being pulled over. My job was only a mile up the road, so I didn't stop. The cop stuck his hands out of his window and started violently gesturing me to pull over. I stuck my hand out of my window and started pointing forward as if to say, "Let's keep going!" I finally pulled in to work. The cop jumped out of his car. And I jumped out of mine. He pointed his gun at me and screamed, "Get in the car!" Whoops.

I didn't get a ticket, but I see how that cop would've went all crazy on the guy. They hate being ignored. Power-hungry bastards.

The cop has apologized and resigned. Good. One less piece of fuzz on the road. story

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm 38!

I took the RealAge test and the results aren't good. My real age is ten years older than my age number. Dr. Oz says I need a lot of work. I need to change my diet, health habits, exercise regimen, and relationships. Wow, I better get to work. I'm going to see what I can fix. I'll check back with the doc later in the year and see what he says about any changes I make.

Check your Real Age here.

(image from here)

You Want Funny?

Quick, what's the funniest show on tv? Absolutely correct, 30 Rock can't be beat. What? You're never home on Thursday nights at 9:30? Me neither. Go to The episodes are all there. Enjoy!
30 Rock

We're Ignorant and Outraged!

It's common sense that you don't let people make a decision on something they don't know about; especially when they're pissed off. But that's exactly what we did by allowing public opinion to determine what happened with the AIG bonuses.

The American public didn't know the whole story. The bonuses weren't "bonuses" in the sense that we think. Those guys were paid $1 for 2008. The "bonuses" were the only compensation they expected to receive for the year. But we told them to give it all back because we thought it was money on top of their regular pay.

It doesn't matter how we feel about AIG. If you were promised a paycheck at the end of the year, you should get it. They got bills too. Yea, I know, most people say to hell with rich people, let them suffer. But I want to know who in the witch hunt would work for free for a year cleaning up someone else's financial mess? Not many volunteers. Actually there is someone who has done it--the CEO of AIG, ED Liddy. He has no stock options and gets paid a $1 annual salary. He does not financially benefit from AIG at all. Funny how the angry pundits never mentioned that. And he gets death threats in the mail.

We should have let them fail. They made terrible bets a nd should have paid for them. But we didn't. We decided to keep them alive. So let's let them get back to good health. Demonizing them does nothing. Let's forget about the payments and get back to fixing the economy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama is too big too fail

A few good sentences.

"Congress can't afford to not give Obama another chance to fix the economy," he wrote. "It would be like deciding, in the middle of World War II, that FDR's strategy wasn't working and he'd lost a lot of credibility—so we'll just have to lose the war. …On the issue of rescuing the economy, Obama is too big to fail."

From here.

Why Did I Waste My Time?

I went to the Career Services office to find out my personality profile. I had to watch a 15-minute video, and fill out a 20-minute survey. The result was that I am Intuitive and Logical.

Today I went to Typealyzer. You plug your blog's url in and it spits out your personality based on what it reads. One second later, the exact same result. It even describes the personality better than the career test.
The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

ISTP - The Mechanics
The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often like seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars or working as policemen and firefighters.

Type in your blog's (or your favorite blogger's) address and check it out!

(In photo: Bruce Willis' new chick. I'm always happy when a good guy gets a new piece of tail. Click photo for more.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Brawl Street

What happened to Jim Cramer last night? He went on the Jon Stewart Show and got eaten up. He did not need to take all that blame on himself. He let Stewart peg everything on him. Jon says "We're all snake-oil salesman here," Jim responds, "I'm not gonna disagree with that."

Yes, you can disagree with that. You honestly try to make a good show, don't you? You give advice based on what you think is best. That's not snake-oil. Its commentary. Snake-oil is claiming to have all the answers, knowing that your a fraud. Why would you let someone put that on you. Every night you tell your viewers that these are just your opinions, and that you might be wrong. You are right way more than you're wrong, and that's why people still trust you. They trust your encyclopedic knowledge of stocks. That's not snake-oil.

Stewart says, "It feels like there's a market that you all present to us, and you tell us our money is safe. And then there's this other market in the back room, where our 401ks are being used to finance dangerous, ethically dubious adventures. It's a game you know, and one that you pretend is not going on."

Your answer Mr. Cramer? "Yea, I believe we could be doing better. There's a lot of shenanigans. I'm tryin."

Wtf? No that is not correct, Jon. We did not know about the complexities of some of the trades that were going on. We still don't know exactly what happened behind closed doors. There are investigations going on right now about that. How could you say that "we knew? We did not know that AIG was in over its head. All we have is their financial statements and their word. If there was fraud it will be found out. But you can't blame that on us. Cramer looked like a fool. He made CNBC look like a bunch of moronic, doe-eyed cheerleaders.

Stewart flat-out called his antics bullshit; mentioning that in the 2006 clip he looked like a sober smart guy and on his show he's an idiot that says sell one day and then comes back the next day saying I should have told you to buy. Stewart added that CNBC wasn't to blame for not seeing the catastrophe but guilty for encouraging it, thus becoming one of the culprits. What does Cramer say to that? "Okay, maybe I'll try it your way."

If I was a CNBC producer I would've prayed for the feed to get cut. Cramer didn't fight. He didn't defend himself at all. They should've put Steve Liesman or Santelli on there. Cramer was too nice. He didn't have to eat all that humble pie.

CNBC cheers the market on. Yes. They're permanently bullish on America. Yes. And the Daily Show cheers on Obama. Fox news cheers on the republicans. So what responsibility does CNBC have to the nation? Deliver financial news. That's it. And they do that every day. Everyone cheered on the prosperity of the millennium.

"I know you want to make finance entertaining, but it's not a f***ing game." Does Cramer say anything to that? No. Jon continues, " shows me that you all know. You can draw a straight from (your comments about manipulating markets) to what Bear Sterns and AIG were doing." The idiot Cramer walks right into it and answers, "Don't you want a guy like me who've been in it, to show the shenanigans?"

Wrong answer, sir. The correct answer is, "We all know shady things happen in every industry. You cannot put what Bear did on me and the network because the knowledge of fraud doesn't mean that you are to blame when fraud happens. If that was the case, then we'd all be guilty for what Madoff did. We all know how a Ponzi scheme works. So if what your saying is right then we should've known that Madoff was going to bilk his investors. What you're saying is absolutely false."

"You knew what the banks were doing. Your whole network knew." Pause! Umm, excuse me, No we did not know what they were doing. Why does Cramer let him pin all that crap on him and the network.

"These guys were on a Sherman's march through their companies, financed by our 401ks, for short-term profit. They burned the house down with our money and walked away rich as hell. And you guys knew that that was going on." (Claps and applause)

Rich who? Rich where? Those guys are broke. People talk about the fatcats on Wall Street. There are no fatcats anymore. And, no, we didn't know it. There was no "it" to know. No one thought the house was going to burn down. What are you trying to say? That the evil CEOs purposely destroyed the economy, knowing full well all its implications? Are you insane?

Jim Cramer is a financial genius and he has dispensed a lot of knowledge about markets on his show. He is not about Wall Street, instead he defends the common man every night. He blasts CEOs that overstep their bounds all the time. Too bad he didn't show any of that last night.

Want more? Here's a great post from Businessweek. Jon Stewart Thrashes Cramer

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On The Up and Up

The bulls are cheering. It looks like the Dow will rise for three days in a row, making investors and traders hope for a real rally. The markets closed at a respectable $239.66 pop, I'm sure Larry Kudlow is on cloud nine now.

It'd be great if things are finally turning around. But for now it just looks like we got three days of good news reports. As long as Wall Street is taking cues from the day's headlines, we will keep seeing volatility.

The real test will be when bad news comes out. If Wall Street shrugs it off and keeps moving up, I will have more confidence that the rally is for real.