Monday, May 11, 2009

Are You Worth It?

Simple question: When you meet someone, do you expect them to like you or not? Yes? You sure? What about if its someone you REALLY want to meet. A hot guy or girl, a celebrity. Would you EXPECT them to like you? My prediction is that most of us will crawl into our minds and over analyze what we do and say when our feelings are on the line.

One thing researchers have noticed is that the most attractive people are the ones that expect good things from life. Maybe those "Secret" people were on to something. When you approach someone, they will usually take cues from you as to how to behave. People have a keen sense when it comes telling if someone likes themselves or not.

The old dating advice, "Just be yourself," isn't good enough. If you're just some shlub living in his mom's basement playing Warcraft all day, don't be yourself. Be your best self. We all have an image of ourselves in top form. Maybe it's an experience we had where we were the in the zone, fully confident, and at our peak. Too bad it doesn't stay that way. It seems hard to conjure up that moment again. Cause if we could, we'd be "the man" every single day.

There may not be a magic mojo pill yet, but we can start by appreciating ourselves. We can start by treating ourselves better. To stop with the negative thought loops and start believing in ourselves. Most of us aren't as bad as we think.

I went out and had great night in terms of meeting new women. Funny thing is, the only thing different I did before I left the house was making a determination to be nicer to myself. I didn't compare myself to anyone. If I said the wrong thing, I didn't say to myself "that was stupid." I told myself it's okay. I gave myself a lot leeway to just enjoy myself and let things go good or bad.

Be nice to yourself today. You deserve it. Go out. Have fun. Laugh at those that are consumed with anger. By following these steps you are giving yourself permission to be the happy, confident, sexy person you know you can be.

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