Thursday, June 17, 2004

Celeb Gossip - Nicky Dicked; Britney Tricked; and The Messiah

The Simple Life 2 was funny as hell. I laughed my ass off. Those girls are crazy. I guess things are going good for the reality stars. Too bad things aren't so good for Paris's sister Nicky. Did you hear what happened to her.

Poor girl. If I was her I'd be pissed off too. But now she knows how fans feel. Maybe next time she's having her bodyguards plow through a crowd so she can hit the next after-party, she'll think twice about stepping on the poor guy with his sharpie marker and photo in hand with her five-inch stillettos. Bitch.

And poor Birtney. That story is some good shit. She's such a dumb-ass. I guess she prayed to God for the riches and not the wisdom. (legal note: Please do not click the God link Pierre is just being retarded.) You can tell by the way she answered the question that they hooked up.

Jesus Christ, Colin Farrell is the man! I swear he's the second coming of the Savior himself. He's always bagging some bad broad. He doesn't even want to mess with the weak 10's-- only the hottest of the hot will do. As students of the game we all need to follow this master's footsteps. I'm still working on a post dedicated to echoing Colin's techniques to bag honeys. Alright let me go to the bookstore now to pick up some chicks. Colin's successes always get me motivated to get out there. Wish me luck!

Maybe these will give you an idea on his skills.

Keep on playin playa

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


(leagal not: Chick pictured above is not Jennifer. Roselyn Sanchez just happens to look a lot like her. pretty hot, huh)

Jennifer hasn't been talking to me lately. I try and try to communicate with her but she does not budge. I do not know what I should do. I am going to forget about her. *yea, fuck her* Thanks guys. I really like her though. I'm just a nice guy like that. And I can not imagine why she would not want to talk to me. I am never mean to her. *Well, there was that one time* yea I know, but we are over that now. At least I think we are.

I'm such a pussy. I'm always coaching guys on what to say to chicks and how to woo them. And look at me. I am here going against everything that I teach. What do I always say guys? *If they don't want ya, fuck 'em* That is exactly right. And I should be practicing what I preach.

The Exception
But maybe this is a good time to talk to you guys about exceptions. She is an exception to the rule. You guys are going to meet that exception one day. She will be that one girl that does not fall into the basic categories that we set up. She is going to challenge you and make you do things that you never thought you would be do.

Question is: how do we bag the exception? Answer: break the rules. Everything that has been learned before must be thrown away. According to dating gurus (or at least the good ones) there are no exceptions to that rule. If you have ever read one of Doc Love's articles you know that if a girl is not showing interest in you then you should forget about her. According to Doc Love any man that would chase after a woman that is not interested in him is "a sap."

So I am going against the rules. I am in uncharted territory. According to Doc Love, I am not going to get the girl. I guess I got to prove him wrong. I must prove that I am not a sap, but instead a guy with perseverance. I will keep you guys updated on my quest to bag the unbaggable-- if that's even a word.

New Summer Shows

Summer is here, and you know what that means: The didn't-quite-make-the-fall-cut summer shows! *crowd cheers* Long ago we were forced to leave our television sets for summer vacations or suffer unbearable reruns and baseball *Ughh*, I know, but the networks have finally heard the army of couch potatoes' cries and have new shows for us *Yeah!*. So what do they have in store for us this summer?

The Networks

North Shore, an O.C.-grows-up-and-meets-Melrose Place drama set in Hawaii, sounds good but I missed the series premiere tonight. But from what I hear on the North Shore forum it left much to be desired. sweetivvlyn writes, "Just finished watching the North Shore...The OC is much better; so far the only thing I see going for "North Shore" is the location...Please bring back the OC ASAP!!!" *Awww* We feel your pain sweeti. You will be able to catch North Shore on Fox Monday nights at 8.

The Casino I did see. I gotta say it is a pretty cool show. The new unscripted drama series from reality genius Mark Burnett is a 24/7, behind-the-scenes look at the real-life drama that unfolds at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. There are some cool cats and fine chicks in this one. And best of all, they're real people. I have never been to Las Vegas, but I really feel the energy of Sin City watching the show. The owners are two young businessmen that have already made a fortune from an internet venture (Travelscape; sold to Expedia), but just want to go over the top with their very own casino. It is an inspiring story of drive and perseverance, and I wish the guys much luck. Although some of the side dramas get a little hokey at times, they are an escape from the business drama unfolding behind-the-scenes. I'm looking forward to watching it this summer.

The Simple Life is coming back this Wednesday! Yes America's favorite socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are teaming again, but this time they are going on a road trip. I loved the first season. There's nothing cooler than seeing those rich girls toughing it out in small-town USA. And plus I loved seeing the regular country boys bagging those hot pieces of ass. Can't wait till Wednesday.

A few others, Method & Red. A black family from the ghetto inerhits a lot of money and move to the suburbs -- bad racial sterotypes and lowbrow humor ensue. God that show looks awful. Two black guys making black people look worse than they already do does not sound entertaing to me. All the progress that black people have made and this is the kind of bullshit that they still want celebrated? Sorry not for me. Quintuplets I will watch this one just because of Andy Richter. I believe he is one of the best comic talents out right now. His show Andy Richter Controls The Universe was hysterically funny. I was heart-broken when it did not find an audience and got cancelled. And that funny kid from Punk'd is on it too.


Reno 911 is back! The first season was a huge hit, and judging by the first episode, the second season looks promising. Lt. Dangle and the posse are out of control. Very Funny.

The Ashlee Simpson Show is premiering this summer. Hold on to your Louis Vuitton bags America, MTV's newest sensation, Ashlee Simpson, is joining the ranks of untalented celebrities and is going to take us on a journey through her struggles as she pursues a career in music. We follow this poor soul having nothing but the clothes on her back and a dream -- and the clothes in her walk-in closet in her sister's mansion in Beverly Hills. What a croc of shit. I'm not watching it. I saw her new video Pieces of Me and it is terrible. She can sing, but the song and video are both bad.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Move or not Move -- The Pussy Must Decide

I can't decide if I want to move to Los Angeles or not. On the one hand, it is the film capital of the world. And being as though I want to get into the film business, it would probably be in my best interest to move there. Conversely, I am not really positive if the film business is going to work out or not. So I do not want to go out there and come running home to mommy in a year with my tail between my legs.

Maybe I am being a pussy. What if it is just the fear of failure that is holding me back? I need to face my fears and go out to Los Angeles and take the city by storm. I should not be afraid of them -- they should be afraid of me. So what if the movie business does not work out? I'll be in one of the largest cities in the nation. I'm sure whatever I decide to do will be flourishing in that city. And at least I will have the piece of mind that I tried. If I give up before I start, I will always regret it.

I have new outlook on the situation now. I am going to move to Los Angeles. Now if I could just get some money.

Hottie Alert -- Sofia Vergara

I think Sofia Vergara is extremely hot! I always checked her out on the Spanish network Univision. And even though I didn't know what they were saying, I always sat in awe of her beauty. The show went off the air sometime last year and I didn't see much of her -- at least until recently. She starred in the very forgettable Chasing Papi with Roselyn Sanchez and Jaci Velasquez on HBO. It's a really corny romantic comedy but she is smoking hot in it. In one scene she has to go on stage and dance for a salsa band. Man does she dance -- she really works it. It was beautiful, and it was really good to see her again. Balamos sweetie!

What I've Learned - Gauging the Audience

Someone once told me that life is willing to teach as long as I'm willing to listen. So whenever I learn a new lesson, I blog it.

Yesterday at work I learned that I have to gauge my audience when disclosing information. Robert(one of my co-workers) and I were having one of our lively discussions -- this time it was on the wide-reaching influence of Ancient Greek culture (yes, we're nerds indeed). And Nicole came into the conversation and added her two cents saying, "Hey, I'm Greek. Uh-huh, 100%." [A little background of Nicole:... Actually all you really have to know is that she's an idiot. Just believe me, she is REALLY dumb.] To which I thought to myself, "Well I guess the intelligence didn't rub off on her."

Later on that night, and this is where we find our lesson, I repeated the story to Kiersten, who also realizes that Nicole's a complete moron. The only edit I made was when I got to the "rub off" part -- I told Kiersten that I SAID "Well I guess the intelligence didn't rub off on you." Kiersten loved it. She was laughing her ass off. The problem was that Robert was in the vicinity as I told Kiersten the story. He didn't say anything then but later on he gave me a whole bunch of shit about being honest. Everyone is guilty of making that edit, why is he getting on my back about it. Oh well, what I learned was I have to pay attention to whose listening to the things I say at all times. Lesson learned.

Why So Many Blogs Today?

I just want to update everyone that hasn't been with me the last 23 years that I've been a part of this party. There are a couple things that are going to be recurring topics of conversation. I'll will mostly discuss movies, celebrities (mostly female), and tv shows. I'm an entertainment junkie and proud of it.

Why Free Thinkers?

Just in case you're asking why I named the blog "Free Thinkers of America". Don't look too much into it. I believe there is a level of thinking that some, like me, call free thinking. To put it in a nutshell without boring you to death: Thinking freely is thinking without the constrains of bottle-fed brainwashing techniques pumped out by our preachers, teachers, and politicians. But there'll be time to delve into that later. Wow I love blogging -- which explains the blogfest today! Go easy on me, you got a lot of catching up to do.

Paying Homage

I have to pay homage to the person that motivated me to blog: justin @ f.u.b.a.r. Although his website may be a bit racy it is done well and I appreciate him for his boldness. And I think Lindsay Lohan is hot.

First Post - Welcome

Just wanted to say welcome to all free thinkers. A little bit about myself: my name is Pierre Andre Lafortune (PAL). I'm originally from Stamford, Connecticut but live in South Florida now -- West Palm Beach to be exact -- Wellington to be more exact. I'm 23, and I will be turning 24 on August 14. I am currntly attending the great Palm Beach Community College *roaring applause rings out* thank you -- which I have been attending on and off since 1998 when I graduated from from Wellington High School.

I love movies. I hope to get into the movie business eventually. I took my try at directing last year with a short I did for a church group (please note: I do not attend church anymore -- more on that later). The rush that I got from putting the short together and screening it in front of a big crowd is a high that I'll never forget. It's like heroine... well not that good, more like crystal meth. And I'm hooked baby! (legal note: Blogger has not consumed any of the above referenced controlled substances. He just sticks to crack)

That's the artsy side of me. The brainy side wants to get into law. I've always been intrigued by law. But moreover, it's the prestige that comes with being a lawyer that had me sold. People respect you much more when you flip out a business card with esquire written after your name. Imagine the ass I could get with those credentials -- wait maybe that's still part of my non-serious side. I was thinking of mixing law with the movies and become an entertainment lawyer. The idea of putting movie deals together and negotiating contracts for big-name actors sounds very attractive. But before I get ahead of myself, let me first try to get through community college, then later on I can worry about a law degree.

Why the Blog?

For two reasons: to have as a personal journal, and to act as an outlet for my entertaining rants. I always wanted to keep a journal, but I always found them quite cumbersome and apparently gay. Yes, I understand that that is an immature assumption. Of course many great manly men in history would keep their journals closer than their wallets, but the stigma is still there for me. Maybe I watched one too many cheesy popcorn movies involving bright pink diaries filled with candid information about hallway crushes and broken hearts. Which leads me to my entertaining rants. My friends constantly tell me that hearing me rant is a constant source of enlightment and laughter. Although they don't express their joy as eloquently as that. It usually manifests itself as: dude, your fuckin hilarious. I digress.

What will I talk about?
Mostly entertainment, current events, and dating. The entertainment stuff'll be about movies, tv, and general celeb shit. I'm always at the movies and therefore love to talk about them. I watch a lot of tv. Some of my fav shows are South Park, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, most of the MTV programming line-up, a few reality shows, Howard Stern, and a bunch of others. My late-night show of choice is Conan O'Brien. And there's always some celeb gossip going on and I try to keep up with it.
In regards to current events. There is so much going on in the world. I could talk about anything from the silly to the deathly serious.
And lastly dating. Being a single guy. I'm usually on the prowl for the next hottie. Through my years of chasing the cat I've developed some techniques that work for me and that I think will work for anyone else who would like to bag honeys (or fellas for that matter; ladies *winks*)

So now I have the chance to let the world hear my side of the story. And hopefully I'll make a friend or two. Enjoy!