Tuesday, June 15, 2004

New Summer Shows

Summer is here, and you know what that means: The didn't-quite-make-the-fall-cut summer shows! *crowd cheers* Long ago we were forced to leave our television sets for summer vacations or suffer unbearable reruns and baseball *Ughh*, I know, but the networks have finally heard the army of couch potatoes' cries and have new shows for us *Yeah!*. So what do they have in store for us this summer?

The Networks

North Shore, an O.C.-grows-up-and-meets-Melrose Place drama set in Hawaii, sounds good but I missed the series premiere tonight. But from what I hear on the North Shore forum it left much to be desired. sweetivvlyn writes, "Just finished watching the North Shore...The OC is much better; so far the only thing I see going for "North Shore" is the location...Please bring back the OC ASAP!!!" *Awww* We feel your pain sweeti. You will be able to catch North Shore on Fox Monday nights at 8.

The Casino I did see. I gotta say it is a pretty cool show. The new unscripted drama series from reality genius Mark Burnett is a 24/7, behind-the-scenes look at the real-life drama that unfolds at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. There are some cool cats and fine chicks in this one. And best of all, they're real people. I have never been to Las Vegas, but I really feel the energy of Sin City watching the show. The owners are two young businessmen that have already made a fortune from an internet venture (Travelscape; sold to Expedia), but just want to go over the top with their very own casino. It is an inspiring story of drive and perseverance, and I wish the guys much luck. Although some of the side dramas get a little hokey at times, they are an escape from the business drama unfolding behind-the-scenes. I'm looking forward to watching it this summer.

The Simple Life is coming back this Wednesday! Yes America's favorite socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are teaming again, but this time they are going on a road trip. I loved the first season. There's nothing cooler than seeing those rich girls toughing it out in small-town USA. And plus I loved seeing the regular country boys bagging those hot pieces of ass. Can't wait till Wednesday.

A few others, Method & Red. A black family from the ghetto inerhits a lot of money and move to the suburbs -- bad racial sterotypes and lowbrow humor ensue. God that show looks awful. Two black guys making black people look worse than they already do does not sound entertaing to me. All the progress that black people have made and this is the kind of bullshit that they still want celebrated? Sorry not for me. Quintuplets I will watch this one just because of Andy Richter. I believe he is one of the best comic talents out right now. His show Andy Richter Controls The Universe was hysterically funny. I was heart-broken when it did not find an audience and got cancelled. And that funny kid from Punk'd is on it too.


Reno 911 is back! The first season was a huge hit, and judging by the first episode, the second season looks promising. Lt. Dangle and the posse are out of control. Very Funny.

The Ashlee Simpson Show is premiering this summer. Hold on to your Louis Vuitton bags America, MTV's newest sensation, Ashlee Simpson, is joining the ranks of untalented celebrities and is going to take us on a journey through her struggles as she pursues a career in music. We follow this poor soul having nothing but the clothes on her back and a dream -- and the clothes in her walk-in closet in her sister's mansion in Beverly Hills. What a croc of shit. I'm not watching it. I saw her new video Pieces of Me and it is terrible. She can sing, but the song and video are both bad.

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