Monday, June 14, 2004

First Post - Welcome

Just wanted to say welcome to all free thinkers. A little bit about myself: my name is Pierre Andre Lafortune (PAL). I'm originally from Stamford, Connecticut but live in South Florida now -- West Palm Beach to be exact -- Wellington to be more exact. I'm 23, and I will be turning 24 on August 14. I am currntly attending the great Palm Beach Community College *roaring applause rings out* thank you -- which I have been attending on and off since 1998 when I graduated from from Wellington High School.

I love movies. I hope to get into the movie business eventually. I took my try at directing last year with a short I did for a church group (please note: I do not attend church anymore -- more on that later). The rush that I got from putting the short together and screening it in front of a big crowd is a high that I'll never forget. It's like heroine... well not that good, more like crystal meth. And I'm hooked baby! (legal note: Blogger has not consumed any of the above referenced controlled substances. He just sticks to crack)

That's the artsy side of me. The brainy side wants to get into law. I've always been intrigued by law. But moreover, it's the prestige that comes with being a lawyer that had me sold. People respect you much more when you flip out a business card with esquire written after your name. Imagine the ass I could get with those credentials -- wait maybe that's still part of my non-serious side. I was thinking of mixing law with the movies and become an entertainment lawyer. The idea of putting movie deals together and negotiating contracts for big-name actors sounds very attractive. But before I get ahead of myself, let me first try to get through community college, then later on I can worry about a law degree.

Why the Blog?

For two reasons: to have as a personal journal, and to act as an outlet for my entertaining rants. I always wanted to keep a journal, but I always found them quite cumbersome and apparently gay. Yes, I understand that that is an immature assumption. Of course many great manly men in history would keep their journals closer than their wallets, but the stigma is still there for me. Maybe I watched one too many cheesy popcorn movies involving bright pink diaries filled with candid information about hallway crushes and broken hearts. Which leads me to my entertaining rants. My friends constantly tell me that hearing me rant is a constant source of enlightment and laughter. Although they don't express their joy as eloquently as that. It usually manifests itself as: dude, your fuckin hilarious. I digress.

What will I talk about?
Mostly entertainment, current events, and dating. The entertainment stuff'll be about movies, tv, and general celeb shit. I'm always at the movies and therefore love to talk about them. I watch a lot of tv. Some of my fav shows are South Park, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, most of the MTV programming line-up, a few reality shows, Howard Stern, and a bunch of others. My late-night show of choice is Conan O'Brien. And there's always some celeb gossip going on and I try to keep up with it.
In regards to current events. There is so much going on in the world. I could talk about anything from the silly to the deathly serious.
And lastly dating. Being a single guy. I'm usually on the prowl for the next hottie. Through my years of chasing the cat I've developed some techniques that work for me and that I think will work for anyone else who would like to bag honeys (or fellas for that matter; ladies *winks*)

So now I have the chance to let the world hear my side of the story. And hopefully I'll make a friend or two. Enjoy!

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