Saturday, February 26, 2005

Quick Game Review: Gran Turismo 4 A+

This game is fucking great! Sorry gotta go. Got a GT championship coming up. I'll be back to regular posting in a month or two. link

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Who's Next?

Iran is lining it's army up in preparation for a U.S. led invasion on their homeland. Syria is contemplating retaliation against any U.S. aggression as a result of Lebanon violence. But which one are we going to go into?

First let me tell where we're not going; Iran. Why? They have an army that can defend the country. They certainly aren't strong enough to handle the US Army. But we still won't go in there. It's the new war strategy set out by Paul Wolfowitz and his neo-conservative cronies and is accepted by Donald Rumsfeld and George W.

Understanding this new strategy will help you understand why an Iraq war was inevitable. They're standing army was disbanded over five years ago. The only troops that are boys fought were the remnants of Saddam's personal army, the Republican Guard.

But there are many contries that can't defend themselves, why aren't we going into them. Money. Or what the State Department calls, "American interests." Most other countries couldn't do shit for us. But Iraq is sitting on the second largest oil reserves in the world. When you mix no defense, with lots of "interests," there's no mystery as to why our targets would be set over there.

So we won't go into Sryia (no money), or Iran (can defend itself). But what will we do when they come together against us. Alright, I'll just shut the fuck up and stop whining. But anybody up for World War III?

Monday, February 21, 2005

Paris's Phone Hacked

Apparently somebody got into Paris Hilton's sidekick. How you do that, I have no idea. But I think it may be for real. Check it out. hacked

It's Here, It's Here!

Somebody, quick, get me a Playstation 2. Gran Tourismo 4 finally comes out tomorrow. Polyphony Digital has been dicking around pushing it's release back about a hundred times. So long that I gave away my PS2. I'm gonna drive behind a Sony truck and hope it hits a big bump.

What I've Learned: Spend More, Get More

A wise man once told me that life is willing to teach if I'm willing to listen. Whenever I stumble upon a kernel of truth I blog it in a segment I like to call: What I've Learned.

As you know, two weeks ago I went to see Ryan Cabrera (post). I had a good time. But I got to thinking why exactly I had a good time. And more specifically what made the experience so memorable? The answer to that question was my buddy JR.

He convinced me to pay an extra $20 bucks to get a cd and a chance to meet Ryan. At first I thought it would be a waste of money. But when I look back I realize that whenever we tell the story of the trip. The first thing we say is that we got to meet Ryan. The money was worth it.

Now I find myself spending extra money to get the "better" things. Most which I call "white people shit." The Deep Face Cleanser instead of Walgreens brand soap. A Smoothie before my work shift. The baby-back ribs instead of the St. Louis. It's all in an effort to get more out of life. I might even head over Starbuck's for mocha latte. The venti of course.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dumb Celebrity Names

What's with the retarded baby names, celebrities!? Julia Roberts, you wanted to fuck up your kids lives by naming them Phinnaeus and Hazel and we didn't say anything. Gweneth Paltrow, you wanted to be a complete moron and name your kid Apple. We just shook our heads. But Shannon Sossamon you take the cake honey. Do you hate your kid so much that you want to subject him to ass-beatings for all of his years as a youth!? No? Then why on earth would you name your kid Audio Science!? Thats not stupid, it's child abuse. You should be locked up and neutered. No court, no jury, just locked away and forgotten.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Healing Power Of Shopping

I felt like a chick today. I had a crappy day at school, so I left early and went shopping. It actually helped. Got some nice threads from Hollister. The manager asked me if I need a job. I might work there part-time and just use the money as clothing cash.

I can't believe it, shopping for therapy. Next I'll be having a sleepover, watching a Johnny Depp movie in my pajamas with my girls. He's so cute.


Thanks Big-Boys

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Future of Free Thinkers

You can now leave your name and email address in the comments section. So registering with Blogger isn't necessary anymore.

I plan on getting some more domain space. No more lost links to videos. I'll be able to save them, instead of borrrowing space from Yahoo.

And more Christina. You sexy bitch, you.

Why You Should Care: Lebanon Violence

Lebanon may become the location of the next middle-east war. Things have been heating up for a while, mostly because of Syrian occupation. But violence came full front yesterday with the assasination of former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. We'll have to keep a watchful eye on what goes on. I know the mainstream media isn't reporting it, but fuck 'em anyway, they're too busy selling commercials. What a bunch of useless pieces of crap.

Time Is Up

I would so love to do this. video

Debbie Gibson Does Playboy

Former teeny-bopper Debbie Gibson is making one last attempt to put some life into her career. Just like many former stars, she turned to revitalizing power of getting naked. Too bad she's about ten years and 20 pounds too late. Nice ass though. Itsa nice. I like. leaked photos

*update- She'll be on Howard today.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Minger: Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is the most overrated chick, ever. She is not hot. She's a dog, a beast, an absolute monster. With her humongous hands, and massive shoulders. An absolute drag queen. Ben affleck needs to get a clue and bag a well-fit bitch. How do you go from j-lo's ass to Garner's biceps.

She recently said she wants to quit hollywood and pursue other goals. Probably a penis.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Belated Super Bowl Post

The Superbowl was alright this year. The game wasn't half bad. Closer score than I thought. Go Pats. The commercials were alright. I liked the Pepsi spot with P. Diddy. But my fav was the ad. They're the only company that made an attempt to spice up the event. Too bad the NFL were too much of a bunch of pussies and pulled the ad from its 2nd allotted spot. GoDaddy. com paid for two spots, after the first one played, the NFL people got ants in their pants and forced Fox to can the commercial that was supposed to play during the 2-minute warning at the end of the game. I got a link to the commercial below. And I found pictures of the chick in it. She's alright looking, but those babylons. Amazing.

Pepsi Ad - extended version
Go Daddy Ad - extended version
GoDaddy Girl - Candice Michella - pic video

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Oh My God Its Ryan!

I went to Orlando for the weekend to see none other than Ryan Cabrera. I had serious, serious doubts that it would be any fun. But my buddy (his blog) really likes the guy, and I wanted to get out of the house anyway. I was so wrong, I didn't hate it. It didn't suck ass. It was actually really good. Ryan might even have gotten another fan through it. Might.

(Me, Hutter and Ali P giggling in the back)

We didn't have tix, so we just looked for the creepiest guy standing outside the concert. And lo behold we found a scalper. Got the tix on the cheap. Even sold an extra one to this chick. Stood in the line for a while. The liquor took the edge off the wait.

(Me, Ali P, and Hutter. Notice the drinks.)

Ryan came out and rocked it. The girls were going insane. And the ratio, it was 10 bunnies to every bloke. The problem is that 9 out of the 10 bunnies were in their tweens.

(Me and a random tween named Amber in the line)

We made the best of it though. Got wasted and met Cabrera after. Even got an autographed cd.

(If you look closely you can see the autograph)

Next up Ashlee Simpson. Somebody, kill me now.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

What A Piece Of Ass: Zeina

I've never linked to any of the web girls before, but this chick is pretty hot. God, do I have it bad for brunettes. Zeina Gallery 1 Zeina Gallery 2

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Film Buzz

This one looks good. Release date: April 1 trailer

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Folding Samurai Style

What a cool way to fold. I can fold shirts in about two seconds now. It's really cool once you get the hang of it. Try it. video

Sacha Baron Cohen on the Daily Show

The man behind Ali G, Borat, and Bruno was on the Daily Show. Here's the clip. video

*update - sorry if the link doesn't work. Yahoo changes the link every 12 hours or so. Impossible to keep up.


If you have Adelphia cable you have to order the DVR service (or any other DVR service for that matter). A customer told me about it and I called them up. They came over and changed out the cable box and gave me a DVR enabled one. Right after they installed it I had to go to work so I programmed a couple of shows. When I got home I didn't get a chance to watch my late-night shows cause me and the guys were going out. So I woke up today, and it's so cool to watch American Idol, and the Daily Show at ten in the morning. I'm hooked. I can save 90 hours of television. And I recorded Indahouse, Respek!