Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the hell is going on in Nebraska. Under a new "safe haven" law that took effect in July, parents may dump their annoying kids off at any local hospital without legal retribution. story from AP

Twenty-two brats have been dropped off so far. The state legislature is considering revamping the kooky law to limit abandonment to children that are 3 days old.

Wow, those kids are going to be messed up for life. There is no better path to porn for a girl than daddy issues. How much worse is it going to be when your dad literally kicked your ass to the curb as soon as the state said he wouldn't go to jail for it?

The abandoned boys will be robbing people within a few years. The girls will be on the stripper pole in no time flat.

Nebraska needs to change the law right away before more future juvenile delinquents are dropped off at the local ER.

But the worst part of the story is the fact that such a law would have to be corrected. What the hell is wrong with parents that they need the threat of jail time to not abandon their kids? Are we Americans that messed up?

For those who whine that government shouldn't legislate parenting, please explain what you would have the state do in this case. They have been put in the position to threaten parents with jail time in order ensure that kids have a home. Welcome to the 21st century. story

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up the Mountain

West Virginia is still one of the most exciting college football programs in the NCAA.

They're battling the Auburn Tigers (what's been up with them lately?) now on ESPN. They should win as they're up by ten with 6 minutes left. Pat White and the speedy backs are lighting up the Auburn defense. Why aren't they in the top ten?

They started off ranked number 8 in the country. The loss to East Carolina dropped them big (24-3). And then they lost to Colorado in overtime, effectively taking them out of the top 25.

Anyone who thinks West Virginia's a push over since they don't have a ranking next to their name will be sadly mistaken when they underestimate them. They can still win their conference and make it to a bowl game. I like them. I want them to win. They're better than Pittsburgh and can end up taking the Big East championship. Go Mountaineers.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why Pink Gets My Respect (And Should Get Yours)

I seriously think that music has saved Pink's sanity. Time after time when she would have imploded, she hit the studio and made things happen. That's a good role model for everyone that's depressing themselves over someone who doesn't want them anymore.

Her early candy commercial hits didn't do much for me. But in her second album she left all the corny pop stuff and did her own thing. She took a huge risk that took some balls. One to expose herself to the world, and second, to take on her label to get the album done her way.

I first listened to Don't Let Me Get Me. What a crazy song. "I'm my own worst enemy. Don't want to be my friend no more. I wanna be somebody else." How many people have felt that way before? Or I should say has anyone NOT felt that way before? And the song is catchy. It's good music, and has a real personal message.

Video - Don't Let Me

Then there was Family Portrait. It wasn't released as a major single, so a lot of people missed it. MTV watchers got to catch the video though. It's a great video and a great song. Again, cause it's so personal and true to real life, and it's good-ass music.

Video - Family Portrait

The latest song to catch me is her new hit, "So What." When I heard that she got divorced, I felt really bad for her. She seems like a cool chick, and I thought it was cool that she proposed to her guy. So after the divorce I thought she'd be done.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she hit the studio. She put everything she was feeling into a song. And did it again. An awesome song that comes straight from the heart. And it's good music- great music. Her ex is even featured in the video.

Video - So What

Don't try to work on the person who doesn't want you, work on YOURSELF! It's the best advice I've ever gotten. And I see it demonstrated in Pink. And I pass it on to everyone today. Get busy living. Get off your depressed ass. It hurts now, but it will hurt much less in a year from now when you've accomplished things in your life.

Follow Pink's lead. We all got to turn our hurt and anger into motivation to kick ass everywhere else in our lives. Check out the videos.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Crazy-Ass Chicks (A Book Review)

You know what guys do when they see a dude with a hot chick at the club? They give him props. I've had guys buy me drinks for having a hot chick at my side (many times). I wonder how many girls have had other girls buy them drinks (girls that weren't trying to hit on them). Seriously, I wonder if any chick under the age of 30 has bought a drink for another girl that she met at a club.

I knew that girls were catty and rivalrous, but I had no idea how deep it went. Tripping the Prom Queen by Susan Shapiro Barash is just a peek into the lives of women- and I'm glad as hell that I'm not one. Chicks battle over everything; houses, husbands, children, body shapes, aging, and jobs. Everything!

What the hell's wrong chicks? At first I thought it was because of the different pressures that women face that men don't have to deal with. But I realized they're just babies; just a bunch of immature brats.

The book has a lot of testimonies from women who battle with jealousy and envy from potential rivals. Whenever they see a girl who could possibly take attention away from them, they fight to destroy her. What, do they think guys don't like attention too? We don't like when a better looking guy shows up to scoop up all the girls. We envy guys like George Clooney and Diddy who fly across the world in private jets, banging chicks from all over while they make blockbuster movies or hit records.

But here's the difference, we deal with it. We go to work. We get a life. We don't plot to destroy anyone. We don't act like a bunch of babies when attention is taken from us. Men realize very early on how to get used to being ignored. We get overlooked at clubs, we can't pout our lashes out of getting a ticket, and we can't show any cleaveage to get our way.

We sit outside of the club. We have to pay our tickets. We walk into a room and no one gives us a second thought. It's life as a guy.

I think chicks can learn a thing or two from us. Don't get mad at your rival, get mad at yourself and change your situation. Go to the gym instead of calling every girl with a nice body a slut.

Get a good job and make some money for yourself instead getting jealous of successful women; saying that they must've slept their way to the top.

I always loved how guys are polite to each other (at least when we're not pissed drunk). Guys are always smiling and talking to each other in the bathroom at the clubs. The girls bathroom is like mission-central. They all check each other out like they're getting ready to go on stage at a beauty pageant.

One more thing I got from the book was how women really shouldn't trust each other that much. I used to rail against girls who had a lot of guy friends. They'd always go on about how they didn't trust girls, and that guys are much cooler. I'm starting to get their point. I still wouldn't date a chick that was the only girl in a group of guy friends. But I can see why they wouldn't trust the other women.

There's no reading a man can do to understand chicks. I just thought it was an interesting subject. But the mystery continues. Stay single forever guys. Bros before hoes. Semper fi.