Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Disappointment of the week

When I heard one of the Laguna Beach stars got drunk and high, drove their car, and crashed into a couple injuring both of them, I thought what everyone else thought, "Jason's at it again!" Or maybe the bitchy Kristen Cavaliere(sp?).

What a shock and disappointment it was to hear that it was the sweet, innocent, busty, JESSICA!?

Sorry baby, I can't bring you home to meet the parents anymore. And you can forget about that 'World's Sweetest Reality Teen' mug I going to order you from tmz story

British Invasion

World War III might get started if it's not resolved quickly.

Our relations with Iran are shakier than Shakira's hips. And it won't take much of anything to get us reaching for each other's necks.

It's just like those movies where two warring gangs are in the warehouse with all their guns drawn. Everyone's got their fingers on trigger just waiting for something to happen. You could see the sweat coming down the forehead of the rookie whose trigger finger is starting to twitch.

We don't want this situation to be the pigeon that flies in and knocks a bottle on the floor, and start a bloodbath.

Fingers crossed everybody, cause I ain't goin to fight nobody. Luckily no guys in my family are under 25. So none of us can be draWhyfted to the army anymore.

Well unless George Bush reads this blog and gets pissed that I don't want to fight for him. Hey George! I'm a huge fan, dog. We all love you, man. Those gang signs everyone's throwing up is not "Westside" They're just sayin, "Dubya!" story

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick Movie Review: 300

All red-blooded males who call yourselves men, your attention please! Dames, sit out for this one. Do I have the movie for you! You will not have felt a testosterone rush like this since...well since the last big business inspired rush you've had.

300 is the slickest looking movie I've seen since it's big brother, Sin City. And to make it more impressive, not one scene in the movie was shot outdoors. The entire movie was filmed in a warehouse in Montreal. They kept the cost of the flick down and the movie oracle couldn't even predict the shekels it would rake in.

Gerard Butler as Leonidas(sp?) brought a much needed human touch. And trust me there's not much humanity to be found here. It's all about the Spartan values; trust, loyalty, and abs.

Ladies, I guess there's some enjoyment for you. How about a bunch of sweaty half-naked men running around tackling each other.

I couldn't REALLY dig in to this movie because of the violence. And how killing and being killed was given an almost romantic theme it was given. At the risk of sounding out of touch with the times, I don't like seeing people being killed; not for real, not for movies, not for video games, not for anything. Maybe I've been reading too much on the subject of peace, stillness, and how anger and fear are destroying lives every day; and may be the cause of the destruction of humanity.

Okay, okay, I'm done with the philosophy. If you want to see good graphics and a lot of energy and action and don't mind seeing people decapitated in slow motion, go check this one out.

And one quick thing before I let you go; why, oh why, did I hear cheering when one of the good characters get his head cut off!? People were like, "Yesssssss," as his head was sliding off of his bloody neck. Really? You like it THAT much? I must really be out of touch. C+

Trailer - Great trailer. You don't even have to watch the movie. EVERYTHING has been captured in the trailer. Just add more blood, and flashes of boobies.

Metacritic Reviews - 53

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Quick Book Review: The Power Of Now

I finished The Power Of Now. It was recommended by someone I trust, I had to give it a chance.

It's pretty much about living in the moment. As opposed to constantly thinking about the past or hoping for the future. I'm an obsessive thinker and analyzer. Or should I say I was.

Ever since I finished the book, I've been able to turn off the constant stream of thought. I feel like I can just chill and think about nothing. So I can just enjoy whatever I'm doing. When I'm talking to people I noticed I used to always be thinking about the next "brilliant" thing I was going to say instead of shutting up the thoughts and just listen. It feels good to be able to control it.

I must say, the book does get weird at some parts. You have to pass over the new-agey, aireyfairy kind of talk and focus on the good stuff. The best thing is that the effect is right away. You will think about things differently as soon as you put the book down. All in all, it's a very interesting read. B+

Monday, March 05, 2007

Me And These Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine

So I woke up at 9 this morning. And like a good student I headed down to Boca for class. Yea, yea, yea...laugh it up. I forgot there was no damn school today! And none of my roll dogs called me to go out last night so I could wake up with a proper spring-break-monday hangover. Grr.

It was too cold to really do anything in the morn. And it's kind of hard to find something to do now. I got caught up on all of my dvr'd shows. And I finished the book I was reading (The Pursuit Of Happyness). I'm probably going to make this week a productive one and read a bit more. Next up, The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Have fun. Keep it OG.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kellie Pickler Summoning Her Inner Dolly Parton

America didn't pick Pickler the first time around. Maybe she can change some minds now that she has humongous boobs. Seacrest asked if she bought anything "new" after her record contract. She said shoes. He shot back, "just shoes?" Not bad Ryan.

In case you never saw her before. Here's when we first saw her:

After a little Beverly Hills adjustment:

*Update - After further review, she might be wearing an industrial strength push-up bra stuffed to the max.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Grossest Woman In Palm Beach County... In My Car!

Chicks do some weird things. I was giving some people a ride home (two cousins, guy-girl) that I had just met. The girl was sitting up front chitty-chatting with me while the guy was in the back on the phone most of the time. They seemed normal and actually pretty pleasant.

Then the girl turned to me asked me some normal question like "where do you go to school" and took her pointer finger and lifted it towards her face. I thought, "No way!" There is no damn way this girl gonna do what I think she's gonna do.

She reaches into her nose. Digs so deep that it lifts her nostrils. Did like a scooping motion. I almost started gag. I swear I almost hit the truck in front of me. Then she did like that finger rubbing thing flicking her nasty ass shit on my floor! I kind of pressed on the brake a little bit like, "Okay, the rides over creepos!" I started thinking, "How does the grossest girl in Palm Beach County end up in MY CAR!" My mind was still trying to process what was going on, and she just looked at me like, "Well, what school do you go to buddy?" Sadly, I don't think she got the message. She was probably thinking, "Maybe he doesn't like talking about school." lol

Anyways, the guy gave me her number. He whispered, "She doesn't have a boyfriend."
Gee...I wonder why.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Or should I say off tv. The O.C. series finale aired last Thursday. The show actually wasn't half bad when it was believable. After homegirl died off it did go to crap though.

American Idol is still huffing and puffing along. The show has seen it's better days. That dumbass Chris Pedro could've been hot if he would've just sang that song that he auditioned with. He KILLED it. Everyone would've loved it. But now he's packing his bags with his tail between his legs. AGAIN. Idiot.

There was a Grey's rerun so I checked out the new show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Ehh, it's iight. I'm always down for a good trivia show, but it's pretty gay. It basically exploits the dumb crap that means nothing that you forgot about since grade school. Like, "What's the largest type of bear?" C'mon, seriously? That's just a stupid question--not hard or easy, just a corny ass question.

Speaking of "C'mon," oh yea, I miss Arrested Development. I should grab some clips for you, and we'll try to remember when tv was funny.

Great Gob antics

And everyone's favorite family practitioner, Dr. Wordsmith