Friday, March 02, 2007

The Grossest Woman In Palm Beach County... In My Car!

Chicks do some weird things. I was giving some people a ride home (two cousins, guy-girl) that I had just met. The girl was sitting up front chitty-chatting with me while the guy was in the back on the phone most of the time. They seemed normal and actually pretty pleasant.

Then the girl turned to me asked me some normal question like "where do you go to school" and took her pointer finger and lifted it towards her face. I thought, "No way!" There is no damn way this girl gonna do what I think she's gonna do.

She reaches into her nose. Digs so deep that it lifts her nostrils. Did like a scooping motion. I almost started gag. I swear I almost hit the truck in front of me. Then she did like that finger rubbing thing flicking her nasty ass shit on my floor! I kind of pressed on the brake a little bit like, "Okay, the rides over creepos!" I started thinking, "How does the grossest girl in Palm Beach County end up in MY CAR!" My mind was still trying to process what was going on, and she just looked at me like, "Well, what school do you go to buddy?" Sadly, I don't think she got the message. She was probably thinking, "Maybe he doesn't like talking about school." lol

Anyways, the guy gave me her number. He whispered, "She doesn't have a boyfriend."
Gee...I wonder why.

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