Thursday, March 01, 2007


Or should I say off tv. The O.C. series finale aired last Thursday. The show actually wasn't half bad when it was believable. After homegirl died off it did go to crap though.

American Idol is still huffing and puffing along. The show has seen it's better days. That dumbass Chris Pedro could've been hot if he would've just sang that song that he auditioned with. He KILLED it. Everyone would've loved it. But now he's packing his bags with his tail between his legs. AGAIN. Idiot.

There was a Grey's rerun so I checked out the new show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Ehh, it's iight. I'm always down for a good trivia show, but it's pretty gay. It basically exploits the dumb crap that means nothing that you forgot about since grade school. Like, "What's the largest type of bear?" C'mon, seriously? That's just a stupid question--not hard or easy, just a corny ass question.

Speaking of "C'mon," oh yea, I miss Arrested Development. I should grab some clips for you, and we'll try to remember when tv was funny.

Great Gob antics

And everyone's favorite family practitioner, Dr. Wordsmith

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