Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick Movie Review: 300

All red-blooded males who call yourselves men, your attention please! Dames, sit out for this one. Do I have the movie for you! You will not have felt a testosterone rush like this since...well since the last big business inspired rush you've had.

300 is the slickest looking movie I've seen since it's big brother, Sin City. And to make it more impressive, not one scene in the movie was shot outdoors. The entire movie was filmed in a warehouse in Montreal. They kept the cost of the flick down and the movie oracle couldn't even predict the shekels it would rake in.

Gerard Butler as Leonidas(sp?) brought a much needed human touch. And trust me there's not much humanity to be found here. It's all about the Spartan values; trust, loyalty, and abs.

Ladies, I guess there's some enjoyment for you. How about a bunch of sweaty half-naked men running around tackling each other.

I couldn't REALLY dig in to this movie because of the violence. And how killing and being killed was given an almost romantic theme it was given. At the risk of sounding out of touch with the times, I don't like seeing people being killed; not for real, not for movies, not for video games, not for anything. Maybe I've been reading too much on the subject of peace, stillness, and how anger and fear are destroying lives every day; and may be the cause of the destruction of humanity.

Okay, okay, I'm done with the philosophy. If you want to see good graphics and a lot of energy and action and don't mind seeing people decapitated in slow motion, go check this one out.

And one quick thing before I let you go; why, oh why, did I hear cheering when one of the good characters get his head cut off!? People were like, "Yesssssss," as his head was sliding off of his bloody neck. Really? You like it THAT much? I must really be out of touch. C+

Trailer - Great trailer. You don't even have to watch the movie. EVERYTHING has been captured in the trailer. Just add more blood, and flashes of boobies.

Metacritic Reviews - 53

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