Wednesday, March 28, 2007

British Invasion

World War III might get started if it's not resolved quickly.

Our relations with Iran are shakier than Shakira's hips. And it won't take much of anything to get us reaching for each other's necks.

It's just like those movies where two warring gangs are in the warehouse with all their guns drawn. Everyone's got their fingers on trigger just waiting for something to happen. You could see the sweat coming down the forehead of the rookie whose trigger finger is starting to twitch.

We don't want this situation to be the pigeon that flies in and knocks a bottle on the floor, and start a bloodbath.

Fingers crossed everybody, cause I ain't goin to fight nobody. Luckily no guys in my family are under 25. So none of us can be draWhyfted to the army anymore.

Well unless George Bush reads this blog and gets pissed that I don't want to fight for him. Hey George! I'm a huge fan, dog. We all love you, man. Those gang signs everyone's throwing up is not "Westside" They're just sayin, "Dubya!" story

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