Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the hell is going on in Nebraska. Under a new "safe haven" law that took effect in July, parents may dump their annoying kids off at any local hospital without legal retribution. story from AP

Twenty-two brats have been dropped off so far. The state legislature is considering revamping the kooky law to limit abandonment to children that are 3 days old.

Wow, those kids are going to be messed up for life. There is no better path to porn for a girl than daddy issues. How much worse is it going to be when your dad literally kicked your ass to the curb as soon as the state said he wouldn't go to jail for it?

The abandoned boys will be robbing people within a few years. The girls will be on the stripper pole in no time flat.

Nebraska needs to change the law right away before more future juvenile delinquents are dropped off at the local ER.

But the worst part of the story is the fact that such a law would have to be corrected. What the hell is wrong with parents that they need the threat of jail time to not abandon their kids? Are we Americans that messed up?

For those who whine that government shouldn't legislate parenting, please explain what you would have the state do in this case. They have been put in the position to threaten parents with jail time in order ensure that kids have a home. Welcome to the 21st century. story

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