Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. It's a privelege to be blogging about it a day after history has been made. The whole world is celebrating (except for Texas).

So who's vote put Obama in office. In 2000 it was the white evangelicals that gave Bush the White House. In 2004 it was the Hispanics that put him over John Kerry.
Yesterday, virtually every group showed up for Obama. Hispanics, who account for 15% of the elecotorate, came out 66% in favor for Obama. In Florida, with a strong Cuban community, went 57% for Obama. He drew votes from more than one-half of women voters, and no need to even measure the percentage of black votes.

The only group that tended to side with McCain was white men and old people. My black friends are quick to label them racists, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not voting for Obama does not make you a racist. Maybe.

So what does this mean for black people? Will they reenergize their hope and strive for better things? Will they soon return to asking for handouts and blaming other people for their failures? That part we have to wait and see.

Barack needs to pull the country together and keep moving forward. It's time to transfer the soaring rhetoric into actionable policy. If he can sucessfully bring the country together to tackle the issues we all care about (read: economy), then he might not get all the blame if things don't work out as planned.

I'm afraid of the Lefties running the Congress. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their cronies may actually give Obama more problems then solutions. The republicans' vitriolic rage will be aimed at Congress. When Congress messes up, they will then tie it to the Obama administration.

Wall Street's scared now, but they get over it. I swear, they're the biggest bunch of whining babies in the country. As sson as he selects Warren Buffett as his Treasury Secretary, they'll calm down.

I didn't think Obama could do it. I held off on supporting because I didn't want to get heart broken. I think most people did too. He better go to Iowa and thank them over and over. He would not be in office right now if it weren't for them. This whole thing started at that primary.

He ran a great campaign and deserves the win. Congratulations, sir.

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