Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Crazy-Ass Chicks (A Book Review)

You know what guys do when they see a dude with a hot chick at the club? They give him props. I've had guys buy me drinks for having a hot chick at my side (many times). I wonder how many girls have had other girls buy them drinks (girls that weren't trying to hit on them). Seriously, I wonder if any chick under the age of 30 has bought a drink for another girl that she met at a club.

I knew that girls were catty and rivalrous, but I had no idea how deep it went. Tripping the Prom Queen by Susan Shapiro Barash is just a peek into the lives of women- and I'm glad as hell that I'm not one. Chicks battle over everything; houses, husbands, children, body shapes, aging, and jobs. Everything!

What the hell's wrong chicks? At first I thought it was because of the different pressures that women face that men don't have to deal with. But I realized they're just babies; just a bunch of immature brats.

The book has a lot of testimonies from women who battle with jealousy and envy from potential rivals. Whenever they see a girl who could possibly take attention away from them, they fight to destroy her. What, do they think guys don't like attention too? We don't like when a better looking guy shows up to scoop up all the girls. We envy guys like George Clooney and Diddy who fly across the world in private jets, banging chicks from all over while they make blockbuster movies or hit records.

But here's the difference, we deal with it. We go to work. We get a life. We don't plot to destroy anyone. We don't act like a bunch of babies when attention is taken from us. Men realize very early on how to get used to being ignored. We get overlooked at clubs, we can't pout our lashes out of getting a ticket, and we can't show any cleaveage to get our way.

We sit outside of the club. We have to pay our tickets. We walk into a room and no one gives us a second thought. It's life as a guy.

I think chicks can learn a thing or two from us. Don't get mad at your rival, get mad at yourself and change your situation. Go to the gym instead of calling every girl with a nice body a slut.

Get a good job and make some money for yourself instead getting jealous of successful women; saying that they must've slept their way to the top.

I always loved how guys are polite to each other (at least when we're not pissed drunk). Guys are always smiling and talking to each other in the bathroom at the clubs. The girls bathroom is like mission-central. They all check each other out like they're getting ready to go on stage at a beauty pageant.

One more thing I got from the book was how women really shouldn't trust each other that much. I used to rail against girls who had a lot of guy friends. They'd always go on about how they didn't trust girls, and that guys are much cooler. I'm starting to get their point. I still wouldn't date a chick that was the only girl in a group of guy friends. But I can see why they wouldn't trust the other women.

There's no reading a man can do to understand chicks. I just thought it was an interesting subject. But the mystery continues. Stay single forever guys. Bros before hoes. Semper fi.

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