Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why Pink Gets My Respect (And Should Get Yours)

I seriously think that music has saved Pink's sanity. Time after time when she would have imploded, she hit the studio and made things happen. That's a good role model for everyone that's depressing themselves over someone who doesn't want them anymore.

Her early candy commercial hits didn't do much for me. But in her second album she left all the corny pop stuff and did her own thing. She took a huge risk that took some balls. One to expose herself to the world, and second, to take on her label to get the album done her way.

I first listened to Don't Let Me Get Me. What a crazy song. "I'm my own worst enemy. Don't want to be my friend no more. I wanna be somebody else." How many people have felt that way before? Or I should say has anyone NOT felt that way before? And the song is catchy. It's good music, and has a real personal message.

Video - Don't Let Me

Then there was Family Portrait. It wasn't released as a major single, so a lot of people missed it. MTV watchers got to catch the video though. It's a great video and a great song. Again, cause it's so personal and true to real life, and it's good-ass music.

Video - Family Portrait

The latest song to catch me is her new hit, "So What." When I heard that she got divorced, I felt really bad for her. She seems like a cool chick, and I thought it was cool that she proposed to her guy. So after the divorce I thought she'd be done.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she hit the studio. She put everything she was feeling into a song. And did it again. An awesome song that comes straight from the heart. And it's good music- great music. Her ex is even featured in the video.

Video - So What

Don't try to work on the person who doesn't want you, work on YOURSELF! It's the best advice I've ever gotten. And I see it demonstrated in Pink. And I pass it on to everyone today. Get busy living. Get off your depressed ass. It hurts now, but it will hurt much less in a year from now when you've accomplished things in your life.

Follow Pink's lead. We all got to turn our hurt and anger into motivation to kick ass everywhere else in our lives. Check out the videos.

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