Monday, February 21, 2005

What I've Learned: Spend More, Get More

A wise man once told me that life is willing to teach if I'm willing to listen. Whenever I stumble upon a kernel of truth I blog it in a segment I like to call: What I've Learned.

As you know, two weeks ago I went to see Ryan Cabrera (post). I had a good time. But I got to thinking why exactly I had a good time. And more specifically what made the experience so memorable? The answer to that question was my buddy JR.

He convinced me to pay an extra $20 bucks to get a cd and a chance to meet Ryan. At first I thought it would be a waste of money. But when I look back I realize that whenever we tell the story of the trip. The first thing we say is that we got to meet Ryan. The money was worth it.

Now I find myself spending extra money to get the "better" things. Most which I call "white people shit." The Deep Face Cleanser instead of Walgreens brand soap. A Smoothie before my work shift. The baby-back ribs instead of the St. Louis. It's all in an effort to get more out of life. I might even head over Starbuck's for mocha latte. The venti of course.

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