Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Who's Next?

Iran is lining it's army up in preparation for a U.S. led invasion on their homeland. Syria is contemplating retaliation against any U.S. aggression as a result of Lebanon violence. But which one are we going to go into?

First let me tell where we're not going; Iran. Why? They have an army that can defend the country. They certainly aren't strong enough to handle the US Army. But we still won't go in there. It's the new war strategy set out by Paul Wolfowitz and his neo-conservative cronies and is accepted by Donald Rumsfeld and George W.

Understanding this new strategy will help you understand why an Iraq war was inevitable. They're standing army was disbanded over five years ago. The only troops that are boys fought were the remnants of Saddam's personal army, the Republican Guard.

But there are many contries that can't defend themselves, why aren't we going into them. Money. Or what the State Department calls, "American interests." Most other countries couldn't do shit for us. But Iraq is sitting on the second largest oil reserves in the world. When you mix no defense, with lots of "interests," there's no mystery as to why our targets would be set over there.

So we won't go into Sryia (no money), or Iran (can defend itself). But what will we do when they come together against us. Alright, I'll just shut the fuck up and stop whining. But anybody up for World War III?

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