Monday, June 14, 2004

What I've Learned - Gauging the Audience

Someone once told me that life is willing to teach as long as I'm willing to listen. So whenever I learn a new lesson, I blog it.

Yesterday at work I learned that I have to gauge my audience when disclosing information. Robert(one of my co-workers) and I were having one of our lively discussions -- this time it was on the wide-reaching influence of Ancient Greek culture (yes, we're nerds indeed). And Nicole came into the conversation and added her two cents saying, "Hey, I'm Greek. Uh-huh, 100%." [A little background of Nicole:... Actually all you really have to know is that she's an idiot. Just believe me, she is REALLY dumb.] To which I thought to myself, "Well I guess the intelligence didn't rub off on her."

Later on that night, and this is where we find our lesson, I repeated the story to Kiersten, who also realizes that Nicole's a complete moron. The only edit I made was when I got to the "rub off" part -- I told Kiersten that I SAID "Well I guess the intelligence didn't rub off on you." Kiersten loved it. She was laughing her ass off. The problem was that Robert was in the vicinity as I told Kiersten the story. He didn't say anything then but later on he gave me a whole bunch of shit about being honest. Everyone is guilty of making that edit, why is he getting on my back about it. Oh well, what I learned was I have to pay attention to whose listening to the things I say at all times. Lesson learned.

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