Thursday, June 17, 2004

Celeb Gossip - Nicky Dicked; Britney Tricked; and The Messiah

The Simple Life 2 was funny as hell. I laughed my ass off. Those girls are crazy. I guess things are going good for the reality stars. Too bad things aren't so good for Paris's sister Nicky. Did you hear what happened to her.

Poor girl. If I was her I'd be pissed off too. But now she knows how fans feel. Maybe next time she's having her bodyguards plow through a crowd so she can hit the next after-party, she'll think twice about stepping on the poor guy with his sharpie marker and photo in hand with her five-inch stillettos. Bitch.

And poor Birtney. That story is some good shit. She's such a dumb-ass. I guess she prayed to God for the riches and not the wisdom. (legal note: Please do not click the God link Pierre is just being retarded.) You can tell by the way she answered the question that they hooked up.

Jesus Christ, Colin Farrell is the man! I swear he's the second coming of the Savior himself. He's always bagging some bad broad. He doesn't even want to mess with the weak 10's-- only the hottest of the hot will do. As students of the game we all need to follow this master's footsteps. I'm still working on a post dedicated to echoing Colin's techniques to bag honeys. Alright let me go to the bookstore now to pick up some chicks. Colin's successes always get me motivated to get out there. Wish me luck!

Maybe these will give you an idea on his skills.

Keep on playin playa

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