Monday, July 12, 2004

Long Time No Post

Sorry for the hiatus. So much has happened in the past weeks so I will frist give a brief overview of the everything that happened and then I will go into more detail in subsequent posts about certain subjects.

Farneheit 9/11

One of the biggest things to happen to me was watching Farenheit 9/11. Michael Moore's movie has affected very much. I can't even decide how exactly I feel about the movie. Whenever I find it hard to put a movie into words I turn to the critics for guidance. After reading many reviews I can usually find a critic that felt the same way I did but is able to put the experince in a clear effective style. I haven't really found that with this movie. I would simply say: Go see the movie and draw your own conclusions.

As a result of watching 9/11, I have been much more interested in the war in Iraq; I have several international newspapers bookmarked on my browser(Iraq.Net, Iraqi Newspaper with links to great Iraqi blogs;Khaleej Times, from United Arab Emirates; Arutz Sheeva, Israel; Arab News, Saudi Arabia; and Aljazeera the English Version)I pay more attention to international news segments; and I have a deeper appreciation for the losses and sacrifices being made overseas. 9/11 has successfully shown me a side of the war that I have not been shown or have not been paying attention to-- there are real lives being changed. It is not just some abstract concept of war and death; but is a concrete display of the atrocities of human conflict.

I have also bookmarked the blog of a photojournalist in Iraq named Stephanie Sinclair. I first saw her in a PBS special. She and many other journalists are risking their lives to report on the war firsthand. Her photos are both scary and beautiful-- and at times simultaneously. I appreciate what she is doing out there.

New York

I also recently took a trip to New York. I stayed with my old friend Alaska. He recently moved out to New York to pursue a career in modeling and acting. New York is beautiful. The city-life is for me. The hustle-and-bustle of the noisy streets; the wide-array of people and style-- it was all just wonderful. We partied hard and managed to do some sightseeing. Times Square is more amazing than I imagined it would be. It was so humbling. And I couldn't help but feel that I was in the center of the cultural universe. So many of the shows that I enjoy are filmed there. And the vast majority of tv ads that I watch are concieved there. I can't wait to go back.

Personal Stuff

I registered for the fall term at PBCC. I don't like it there but its a means to an end. I am saving money being at home. And although many of the liberties that I would have on my own are not present, it still works out better for me. My parents aren't that harsh anyway. But the main reason why I wanted to move out was because of the stigma of living with the parents. Whenever I tell girls that, they seem to hold it against me. As if I haven't proven myself as a man until I move out on my own. But I don't want to do it when I'm not ready just to get some ass from the hoochie at the local hangout. I would rather suffer now, then get my degree and bag fly shorties and bring them to my penthouse flat, na' mean.

I also have some life organizing to do. I want to get my finances straight for the fall school term. So I am going to work my ass off for the next couple of weeks. I also have to get into shape. I have to join LA Fitness down the street and pump up. I know it is going to take discipline that I don't have, but I figure now is the best time to build it.

I'll keep posting. And I'll try not to leave any big time gaps anymore.

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