Tuesday, June 15, 2004


(leagal not: Chick pictured above is not Jennifer. Roselyn Sanchez just happens to look a lot like her. pretty hot, huh)

Jennifer hasn't been talking to me lately. I try and try to communicate with her but she does not budge. I do not know what I should do. I am going to forget about her. *yea, fuck her* Thanks guys. I really like her though. I'm just a nice guy like that. And I can not imagine why she would not want to talk to me. I am never mean to her. *Well, there was that one time* yea I know, but we are over that now. At least I think we are.

I'm such a pussy. I'm always coaching guys on what to say to chicks and how to woo them. And look at me. I am here going against everything that I teach. What do I always say guys? *If they don't want ya, fuck 'em* That is exactly right. And I should be practicing what I preach.

The Exception
But maybe this is a good time to talk to you guys about exceptions. She is an exception to the rule. You guys are going to meet that exception one day. She will be that one girl that does not fall into the basic categories that we set up. She is going to challenge you and make you do things that you never thought you would be do.

Question is: how do we bag the exception? Answer: break the rules. Everything that has been learned before must be thrown away. According to dating gurus (or at least the good ones) there are no exceptions to that rule. If you have ever read one of Doc Love's articles you know that if a girl is not showing interest in you then you should forget about her. According to Doc Love any man that would chase after a woman that is not interested in him is "a sap."

So I am going against the rules. I am in uncharted territory. According to Doc Love, I am not going to get the girl. I guess I got to prove him wrong. I must prove that I am not a sap, but instead a guy with perseverance. I will keep you guys updated on my quest to bag the unbaggable-- if that's even a word.

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