Monday, June 01, 2009

The Race War Will Not Be Televised

This country will never get over the race thing. White people have messed themselves up forever with that slavery thing. The new police shooting story is case in point. story

A white New York cop is under investigation after he shot and killed an off-duty black cop.
This is only a big story because a black officer was shot. I don't get what the big deal is. Everyone agrees that shooting mistakes happen. And since there are now almost as many black cops as white ones, it's a mathematical certainty that a white cop is eventually going to shoot a black one.

Of course we don't hear the stories of black cops accidentally shooting white ones (as if the racism could never be reversed). And we don't hear about the black cops shooting other black cops, as if there's no way people of the same race could not be racist towards each other.

We are living out a corny movie plot. There's still this romantic notion of the black man rising against the injustice of the white man that is poisoning the way the country works together. It's probably because the romance sounds much better than the simple fact that most cops are stupid and unqualified and make stupid mistakes sometimes.

What's so crazy about the idea of mistaken homicide, anyway? How come black people can't recognize that mistakes can happen towards them? It's insanity to think that black-on-black mistakes and white-on-white mistakes are normal, but as soon as a black guy gets shot by a white cop, it's automatically considered to be purposeful and racially motivated?

There's got to be something else going on that's making us so short-sighted. Black people are still mad as hell about the past. We can't get over it. We never will. White people are unforgivable. They can vote for a thousand black presidents, we will NEVER get over it. We will hate white people for EVER.

Its funny because I could imagine every statistics professor pulling his hair out with stories like this one. It is guaranteed that a black person will eventually be accidentally shot by a white cop. Guaranteed. No emotions, just simple math at work. If a blind robot was given a gun and started shooting down a crowded street with 500 white and 500 black people, it would only take about eight shootings to guarantee that a black person was shot. Is the robot racist? Would anyone posit something so stupid? Maybe they would if the robot was replaced with a middle-aged white guy with a buzzcut.

Even knowing the odds we still can't stand the fact that a black person was killed by a white man. It hits us deep down. We will never get over that no matter how many math lessons we get.

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