Friday, April 24, 2009

Start Your Days Right

From Self-Improvement Blog:

Behind a successful man, is not only a successful woman, but a regime of good and regular habits. This means that to be successful in life, you have to keep and eye on and modify your habits.

Basically, the habits you follow in life develop through actions that are done repeatedly enough for the neurons in your brain to create a pathway. It is through this pathway that these neurons tend to move quickly when triggered. And this is how your habit is formed.

Habits can be developed consciously, or by choice where your repeated action slowly creates pathways without your knowing it. The difference between these two types of habits is that those which are followed consciously have room for modifications and improvements while habits that develop sub-consciously don’t offer much room for development as you had started it unknowingly. So it is better to start these 6 habits consciously, as they will then give room for improvement in yourself, and your life.

1. The first habit to develop is to maintain a great morning routine. With a great start to your day you will be able to do much more in a day. Start your day with rituals that are most beneficial to you like stretching, giving thanks and connecting with and to others.

2. The second beneficial habit to develop is to take time out in your day to exercise, go for a walk or to do some yoga. By devoting time to physical exercise, you can not only improve your health, but also develop more clarity in the focus of your life.

3. Develop the third helpful habit of periodically checking in on your work. This habit helps you know where you stand, and what you can do to make improvements in your work. To help remind you of these periodical checks, you can use an organizer to pen down your schedule and notes.

4. The fourth healthy habit to develop is to devote developmental time every day or week. This developmental time works at developing and reaching your goals with regular practice and hard work.

5. Habit number five is to maintain a weekly organizing session. It is through this session that you understand and realize what you are actually doing in life, and find out how it is possible for you to take things to a new level.

6. And last, but not least, maintain a habit of healthy eating. It is your food that makes you; so by eating healthy food, you remain healthy enough to reach your goals and be successful in life.

I agree with most of that. I hate exercising though. And I eat like a raccoon: whatever is around will do.

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