Monday, February 06, 2006

Hooray for the Steelers, ABC, and Old People Everywhere

My boys did it again. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won their fifth NFL title. Some say the refs had some questionable calls that called the game. But Pittsburgh had them the whole time. Final score 21-10.

Did I ever tell you how I became a Pittsburgh fan? Remind to tell you one day. ABC should be happy too. With 90.7 million estimated viewers, this was the most watched Super Bowl since 1996 when, yes, my Steelers played.

Super Bowl ads were pretty good this year. Budweiser bought 10 spots for 26 million dollars. Damn. And they weren't that good. Most of them involved violence in a weird unnecessary way. The one with the magic refrigerator was pretty funny. It got the highest rating at AdBowl. If you want to see them definitely check out iFilm. They have every commercial that aired. Even the movie previews. Pretty thorough. Let me know which ones you liked.

The music was cool. Well... the half-time show was cool, but what was up with that national anthem. It sounded like shit in a tin can. I still don't know how Aaron Neville still gets invited to sing anywhere. You can't understand a damn thing he's saying. And Aretha Franlkin should just relax and enjoy what she's done. Where's Beyonce when you need her.

The Rolling Stones rocked out. They looked like a bunch of geriatric patients, but Mick Jagger's still got it. He's cool. His age has made him a little awkward, but he still slipped into those tight ass jeans and did his shit. Respect.

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