Friday, May 12, 2006

Quick Movie Review: Mission Impossible III

"There's an explosive in your head, " bad guy, Owen Davian says at the opening scene. From that point, I was sucked in to Ethan Hunt's world. At first I thought it would be hard to forget that Tom Cruise is starring in the movie. After seeing him overexposed in the press, flying airplanes, and chattin with Kanye West after pulling up in a semi-truck in Times Square, I thought it would be impossible to focus on the character and not see Tom. But the guy is a believable enough actor that you forget and just accept him as the role he's playing.

I knew Philip Seymour Hoffman would do fine as a bad guy. I don't think anyone that has seen Punch-Drunk Love would doubt that he could be a bad-ass. I would even say that he was crazier in the latter.

Yes, the movie is filled with slick graphics and explosions. Yes, it seems weird that an agent would go to those lengths to retrieve a device that he knows nothing about. What do you expect? What else do want from a popcorn summer hit like that? It delivers exactly what it says it will. B+


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