Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Best Health In the Universe

If Obama's elected as the next president he vows to make universal healthcare a reality. The republicans just want to reform the system a bit. So who's right?

I'm all for the philosophy of healthcare for every American. It seems right, even we can't all explain fully. There's something wrong when a rich nation like ours still has people who die needlessly because of a lack of funds.

My problem has always been with the execution. Can we do it? I don't think we're smart enough or responsible enough as a country to have the government manage the entire health coverage system. I'm convinced they're gonna mess it up.

The analogy I use is the legal system. Everyone has the right in our country to be represented by legal counsel in any U.S. court. How's that system doing? Does anyone respect that institution. The public defenders are walking punchlines. Of course it's because there's not much incentive for a law school grad to do it. Getting free, government-issued legal counsel is like throwing your case away. The government believes that although everyone deserves counsel, not everyone deserves Johnny Cochran.

Is the same thing going to happen with doctors? Will we end up with a system full of basic, low-level doctors for the masses and the good ones saved for the rich? I don't see why we should expect anything else?

Are we asking for too much? It looks like the democrats not only want everyone to have healthcare, but to also have the BEST possible healthcare to each person.

Most Americans believe that we all deserve a meal at the end of the day no matter what our financial standing. But does that mean we all deserve a ribeye steak dinner with all the trimmings?

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