Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Quick Movie Review: Collateral B+

I first saw the trailer for
Collateral on Apple.com. But I didn't watch the trailer in its entirety. I knew I wanted to watch it from the first five seconds of the trailer. It only showed Jamie Foxx sitting in his cab and Tom Cruise getting in. Everything seemed so calm- a little too calm as if a storm was about to come. I was sold at that point.

So after dodging ads for the movie for a month, I finally saw it last night. I hoped that my expectations wouldn't alter my experience. I wasn't disappointed. Micheal Mann's direction was superb. I love how he took his time with the story. It gave me time to absorb the complexities of the characters so that I could care about what happens to them.

The acting was on point too. Tom Cruise created a rich character in Vincent. He was polite and menacing. I already knew Jamie Foxx was a good actor. He was great in Ali. And I know he'll do fine in the upcoming biopic of Ray Charles, Ray. Jada Pinkett-Smith did a good job too. B+

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