Friday, May 13, 2005

Another Day, Another Party

Sitting bored one day, Hutter and I decided to have a day of volleyball and drinking. No list this time, we invited the whole Smokey Bones lot. From all the Nics and Mikes, to Larry Wayne Dial and everyone in between.

We kept the logistics pretty simple: burgers, hot dogs, a keg and a volleyball. Later we added some margaritas and pina coladas. Very nice.

As soon as we got the keg set and tapped at 11:30 AM, me, Hutter, Mike B, and Nic S started boozin. And we got the kinks out of our rusty v-ball skills. Especially being as though I haven't played since 7th-grade P.E.

We had a pretty decent turnout. We had already figured the sell-out factor. The usual flakes were no-call, no shows: Janelle, Mike P, etc... We didn't expect them anyways.

So you're probably wondering about the dirty dish: Did anyone end up vomiting? Did anybody get naked? Was anyone responsibly sober? No, No, and definitely No. Thats not to say that it wasn't a blast. Keg stands, 8-man beer bongs, on bar dancing, body shots! Holy shit did we get wasted. And that was all before 2 in the afternoon! After that we got out the shot glasses and downed about 6 mystery shots. I don't know what the ingredients were, and I was the one that made them!

By 9 things were starting to wind down and the druggies did their thing. I couldn't join. One because I was way too wasted, and two, we had a lot of cleaning up to do. But a good time was had by all. And let me take a second to show some recognition and give out some awards of the event:

Most Improved: Jenni. In the last outing she was a wash out, but she came through this time. Her stock went way up. Starting off with a hot bathing suit. And solidified by a great performance on the keg stand. Nice work.

Best at Handling Intoxication: Cole. This guy can drink! As soon as he showed up he started hittin the keg. Not once did I see him without a drink in hand. When we were doing shots, he was combining two and three shots to drink. And to top it off, at the end of the night, he made a gravity bong and inhaled a bowl of the freshest skunk in one take! And after looked as if he was drinking kool-aid all night. Big-ups.

Best Volleyball Performance: Mike B. He was the only one that challenged me. I kicked a lot of ass, but he really held it down. A couple of spikes, a couple of blocks, a couple of cuts and bruises. Well good shit.

Best Swimming Performance: Kierstin. That chick can swim like Nemo. I swear I've never been beaten by a chick. But I'll gladly admit that she's pretty tight. One note though: I beat her in the second race. Take that bitch.

Biggest Asshole Performance. Pierre. By about 3 in the pm, I was well-wasted and I yelled at some random chick for going back and making herself a drink behind our bar. The poor girl was mortified. Good-going asshole.

Wasted Endurance Challenge Winner: J.R. By the second game of volley, he came stumbling onto the court. He couldn't hit the ball, he could barely stand up. But he lasted the whole day and night. When most people that were getting wasted slowed down with a couple of bottles of water (present company included), he was drinking his happy ass to apparent oblivion. But he kept on-going. He was actually the last person standing. At 1 in the morning, when everyone was passed out, he was up watching tv. Big ups alkie.

Congratulations to all the winners. We're already planning V-Ball Day: The Sequel. Bigger, better, and some damn nakedness this time please!

post script:More pics to come. Waiting for Hutter to format and email them.

*update- more photos can be found at just click the link and type in smokeybones where it says "go to album."

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