Monday, January 22, 2007

"I gotta pee!"

Last week women's credibility hit a new all-time low.

I worked the door at Jumby Bay for "Ladies Night." Chicks had to pay five bucks and could drink anything they wanted til midnight. You offer that to any guy and he'll be stoked. But chicks are so spoiled, pampered, and cheap that they bitch and moan about the cover charge. And they still try to sneak in.

You think they'd have smooth ways of getting in, actually who am I kidding, you know men are the best liars. They all use the same excuse. All of them. One damn strategy for getting in. And you'd think it would be a good one. After they get together the best they can come up with is, "I really gotta go pee!" Yea whatever lady let me see your damn I.D. and five bucks.

One guy even took the advice of one of his girlfriends. As soon as he walked up and saw me he said, "Man I really need to use the bathroom." I told him, "Save it buddy. There's no cover for the guys." And MAGICALLY his bulging bladder calmed down. And since he spoiled the excuse his idiot girlfriend couldn't say the same thing right after him. Of course not, she's too smart to do something that dumb. That fool walked up to me and had the nerve to say, "I'm just going in for a sec. (in the sweet voice)Do I really have to pay????" Yea bitch. Five bucks please. I shoulda made it ten for being a pain in my ass.

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