Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Weighing In

People who have trouble with their weight probably hate thin mofo's like me.

The past few weeks I've been eating everything in sight. At all hours of the day. Apparently, there's this thing with regular people that they don't eat after nine o'clock at night. God that must suck.

Anyways, so after all that I didn't gain a pound. The Double Whoppers and Dunkin Donuts didn't do a thing.

And to top it off. I started running again last week. I always loved it before but everyone told me not to do cardio. "Ooooh don't run Pierre! You need to lift heavy weights." I HATE weightlifting. When I'm bench pressing I wish the dumbells would just fall on me and knock me out so won't have to do anymore.

Well now, my doctors tell me I have to stay in shape by running three times a week.

And the grand tally after running two times for twenty minutes: I lost 8 pounds! In one freaking week!

I feel good, but damn... I need to trade metabolisms with someone quick before I disintegrate.

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