Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's On TV?

The Idol Finale
Everyone knows Jordin's going to win. After she gets her record deal, the first order of business, Jenny Craig. Man, if her arms were any more flabby they'd be her thighs. She's fat, she's so fat her blood type is Ragu. When a waiter gives her the menu she says "Yes please." She's so fat, her school picture is an aerial shot. She puts mayo on aspirin. When she fell and broke her leg, gravy poured out.

Adventures In Hollyhood
Three Six Mafia wowed everyone after winning an Oscar last year, now we get to follow them in their quest to conquer Hollywood where hijinks ensue. They crack me up. And they're smart too. I like it.

This season's pretty lame. I guess everyone's waiting for some kind of big payoff. Something tells me we're not gonna get it. But we're still gonna watch aren't we. Suckers. All of us!

Coming Soon...

New Hell's Kitchen
Gorodon Ramsey calling cooks dumb cows!? Hell yes. He says stuff every manager feels like saying to inept employees.

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