Monday, December 17, 2007

Nothin Like Thug Lovin

A child is being hailed as a hero today, but what's up with the mom?

Seliethia Parker, 30, was about to get shot and her daughter, seven year-old Alexis, jumped in front of the bullets getting shot herself and saving her mother's life in the process. The story seemed sad and heroic until I read this line, "Parker's former boyfriend, Calvin Tillie, a 29-year-old ex-convict on parole, was arrested in the shooting and charged with two counts of assault with intent to commit murder..."

Is anyone going to ask the mom why she was dating a dangerous ex-convict? What are the odds that this guy has never shown crazy aggression to her before? How likely is it that she's never seen him with the gun before? What are the chances that a friend will say he was bound to do something sooner or later, as crazy as he was?

I'm reminded of a scene in "Goodfellas," where the guy gives his wife a bloodied gun to hide and she says that she knew she should've been scared and left him, but for some reason she felt turned on by it. You ladies like the bad boys right? Well, where a bullet-proof vest for the next time he gets pissed at you.

I see single moms being held as heroes all the time. Although their child-rearing ability IS heroic, their man-picking ability is terrible (even life-threatening). Maybe this is the effect of all the romantic movies where a woman goes against what her parents and society thinks and "admirably" runs away with the love of her life to live happily ever after. I guess reality is saved for the sequel that turns into a horror flick, where Romeo shows his true colors and tries to murder the entire family in a drunken rage.

We've all known girls that have gotten with complete bums. Everyone says to leave him but she wants to listen to another Alicia Keys record and stay true to her love. You want to throw your life away? Fine, but don't come to us when he leaves you for the next "true love" of his, asking for some kind of government assistance or police protection for you and your kids. Why should we have to bear your destructive life choices?

Now there's a kid in critical condition and may soon die. What's worse, she's too young too understand the fact that her mother's idea of love for her didn't involve making a better choice of a mate. story

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