Tuesday, December 04, 2007

You Don't Watch Foreign Films!?

You don't know what you're missing. No, they aren't all weird and boring. They can be real interesting and look at things in a much different way than American filmmakers. And okay some of them can get kind of weird (like what's up with the vague Japanese endings?), but there are so many good ones. And no, it's not hard to read the text. You won't even realize it after the first five minutes. So don't worry about the bad ones, that's why I'm here. To watch the bad ones for you and pass on the keepers.

I'll throw a few essential Spanish language flicks into your foreign film starter kit. They aren't just good they are great. I'm starting you off with the absolute cream of the Latin crop. The next time you're at Blockbuster and are seriously contemplating Daddy Day Care or another Pirates movie. Just throw them both away and look for these:

Hable Con Ella/Talk To Her (Spain)

Plot: Two men share an odd friendship while they care for their girlfriends who are both in deep comas. It's a crazy story of love and friendship. You'll love the characters in it. Especially one of the ladies, she's so damned cute (even in a coma). Of the three, If I wanted to chill out, and learn something about life, this would be my pick. This might be the best foreign movie I've ever seen. If you don't watch it, it will be the greatest movie you've never given yourself the chance to experience. DON'T LEAVE THIS EARTH WITHOUT WATCHING THIS MOVIE.

'Talk to Her is so darned assured, we have absolutely no idea who the main characters are until the film is well under way -- and yet it's hard to stop watching.'

'Occasionally funny, always very colorful and enjoyably overblown in the traditional Almodóvar style.'

"Another knockout from Almodovar."

"Amoldóvar is a master of emotional texture, peeling away layer upon layer of the feelings...until he reaches Benigno's troubled psyche and Marco's benevolent soul."


Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico).

Plot: Two teenage boys go on a cross-country trip with a milf. Hilarity and potential sexploitation ensue. And no, you can't watch it with your parents around.

'Anyone with a passion for cinema, and indeed sex, should see it as soon as possible.'

'A smart, steamy mix of road movie, coming-of-age story and political satire.'

'Erotic, controversial, and unforgettable.'

City of God (Brazil, Portugese).

Plot: This movie takes you into the craziness of life on the streets in a Brazilian ghetto. You've never seen kids this hardcore. Never.

"That rare film that manages to be seductively entertaining without ever compromising its authenticity and power."

'A tremendous, skilfully composed film that impresses with its artistry and quirkiness while smacking you in the solar plexus with its message.'

'A real adrenaline rush -- at times it manages to be powerful, thrilling and funny and sometimes all three of them at the same time.'

post script: I was going to show you the other trailers, but they show way too much of the movie. You're better off just enjoying the movies without them.

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