Tuesday, March 11, 2008

$4000 Piece of Tail

Stocks closed higher today than they have a LONG time. Something like 400 points.

The news media says stocks are up because of Fed Reserve moves. But those guys have been doing stuff all year and no one's cared, why is everyone all the sudden so excited!?

Why isn't anyone saying the obvious, that investors are happy that holier-than-thou Gov. Eliot Spitzer got pinched for buying high-price hookers. Wall Street hated that bald bastard like poison.

By the way, $4000 for a hooker? That must've been some piece of ass, brother.

Isn't always the ones that are preaching the loudest about ethics that are the worst people?

Like I'm always afraid of the guy that preaches against homosexuality or porn the most. Cause they always got the nastiest stuff hiding in their closets.

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