Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ha... We Got You!!!

Ok... great you got me. I thought you were serious there for a sec. But okay, it was all a joke. Oh look, yea, I see the cameras right there. What? A new ABC show? Great. Do I win something? No? Oh well okay. A release? Oh so I can agree to let you use my image on your show? Let me think about it... 

Hell no! I ain't signing crap. I don't care if you all think I'm being a curmudgeon. You can all kiss my ass. Ever since Candid Camera invaded the privacy of normal people going about there business. Every starving segment producer with armed with a camera, release forms, and a 'wacky' host has been convinced that they have the next great prank show. 

Just leave us the hell alone. Why don't you do something daring and go write a script that's actually entertaining. You say everyone wants reality tv nowadays. Well that's because your scripted shows sucked! So instead of going back and being creative you all decided to just abandon using your brains and starting spitting out nothing but reality. Okay so you got some idiots to sign up for your stupid show. But that wasn't enough. Now people who are just trying to get to work have to help sell your garbage by being tricked, bothered, and made complete fools of to entertain your brainless audience. 

Well let me send you a message from everyone who doesn't want your stinkin cameras in our face. No, we will not sign a goddamn thing!

I thought MTV's Boiling Point was the lowest the prank shows could get. That is until I saw the crap on BET. Hell Date is quite possibly THE worst show that has ever made it on the air. I should've filed a complaint to the FCC just for sucking so bad. It's done terribly, the scenarios are stupid, and the people don't even win any money for having their time wasted! I want to know what Neanderthal's they convinced to sign on to their garbage. 

How empty does someone's life have to be to enjoy that kind of 'entertainment.' It sounds elitist, but it's so damn true. Seriously, I don't care if fans of those types of shows are offended that I think they are brainless retards. I'm ready to have a debate with anybody, anytime if they want to defend that trash. 

The only schadenfreudic indulgence I'll give you is a guy getting hit in the nuts. That will always be funny 'til the end of time. But that doesn't mean that I'll take a half-hour out of my day to watch people get hurt, have accidents, and get accosted by twenty-somethings with spiked hair. 

I had to examine why I enjoyed seeing people get hurt many years ago. And to all those who do enjoy it, I suggest you do the same.

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