Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hi Adolf!

Okay so how do you know your parents are nuts? Just look on your birth certificate son. 

A couple in Easton, Pennsylvania kicked up a fuss when the bakery at Shoprite wouldn't put "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" on his cake. story So what did the cooky couple do? They went to Walmart! That's the best solution. Everyone knows Walmart doesn't have a heart. You can't offend people who value nothing but money. 

Shoprite should have honores their valid, albeit idotic, request. They offer to write the name down of whoever's birthday it is. Well that's his name. They got the proof. It doesn't matter if you don't like the name.

I feel bad for little Adolf. He's stuck with that name until he's eighteen. How bad is he gonna get made fun of. Those his moron parents better have their home-school kit ready for when he gets jumped one too many times by the school bully, Tyrone Malcom X Jackson.

I thought that there were certain names that you couldn't give your kids. In that case I can finally give my kid the name I've always wanted. I wonder how my dad's gonna react when he meets his grandson, Blacky McMonkey. He and little Adolf would get along great.

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