Monday, February 02, 2009

But Why is he Wrong?

I will forward my response to a question about my last post.

The question regarded my support for the banking bonuses in the midst of the economic turmoil.

Pierre's answer:
If there was a man who personally made a trillion dollars last year. And unemployment went up to 50%; foreclosures up to 70%. And he gave no one any money; no assistance, no charity, no help.

And he spent all his money on wild parties, golden toilets, and yachts, I'd be okay with it.

Why? Because it's HIS money.

If a government official came to his home and tried to touch one cent of it, outside of the amount they already plunder through taxes, he should kill that official immediately.

When a company like Goldman Sachs makes good investments and pays its CEO $68 million because he created billions in revenue and shareholder value, I'm happy. I'm excited for them and for him. He would have been paid more if it was my choice. But it's not my choice, it's theirs.

I think Carmello Anthony should be paid less to play basketball. But I support the team's right to make that decision. It's not about what I would do in a situation, it's about someone's right to spend their money on what they think is best. It's not my choice, it's theirs.

I don't think the democrats really agree that it's other people's money. I think the Left really feels like it's partly their money that's being made by everyone. And therefore we as a community, should limit their pay. They think we, as a collective, should decide how much bonus to give them. And that we should decide how the company's money should be spent.

I just want to scream from the mountain tops, "My money is not made for the government, it's not made for the children in Africa, it's not made for anyone but me!"

Obama has no right to decide how much any American gets paid. He has no right to decide what any American should do with their lives; and no authority to decide what any of us should do with our money.

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