Monday, February 02, 2009

What's with the picture?

I have this picture first on my profile. So of all the pictures I could've picked, why that one?

It best captures my look on human achievement. We started out just like every other animal. Look at what we've been able to accomplish. We've taken this ish over. We've been able to accomplish just about every thing we've put our minds to.

We wanted to live longer; now our life span has nearly tripled. We wanted to communicate with each other better; we developed the alphabet and can now communicate anywhere on earth. We used to attempt to find food as if it was our sole purpose; now we have the technology to barely consider where our next meal will come from.

Whatever we wanted, there was an individual's mind that imagined a solution, and got to work.

We used to have to wait for daylight to do work, and wait for nightfall to be able to rest easy. Now we control the light. One day we might even be able to control the sunrise itself.

A human's finger pushing down on the sun is the perfect way to show how we've been able to use nature to do what we want.

Post script: John Mayer's song goes perfectly with the photo.

Gravity is trying to hold us down. But it wasn't strong to stop us from flying not only into the sky, but even to the moon.

The religious dreamed of going into the sky after they died. Man's imagination said why wait? If heaven is in the clouds above. Let's fly higher than heaven. The religious conveniently switched their belief after they saw that we can accomplish that. Now they say heaven is in another dimension. I wonder where they'll say heaven moved to once we've discovered the other dimensions.

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