Monday, January 10, 2005

Moss Showing His Whole Ass

Randy Moss is coming under fire for simulating pulling his pants down and mooning the crowd after a touchdown yesterday. It was wrong and he's an idiot. Athletes these days make me sick. They all act like they're still in college. No grown man should be acting like that and I hope they fine his ass. Pun very much intended. full story


Anonymous said...

Ew, that's nasty. I think it's getting harder to find more professional people in their businesses..

paul aurelius said...

I disagree. It's not like these drunk fans aren't talking trash to moss first. what is so bad about performing a fake mooning? It's Just like dancing and other end-zone celebrations, the home team is supposed to get angry off that to come back and win it. As long as he's not running into the stands and punching people i'm fine with that. Basically all he did was bend over and im sure some green bay fans thought it was hilarious like i did.