Monday, January 31, 2005

Painful Semester

My worst complaint about college isn't the work, it's the stupidity. I'm surrounded by idiots. These snot-nosed, pimple-faced brats run at the mouth not having a clue of what they're talking about. And the professors are so useless. They don't teach, they just stand up front and let the morons speak.

The problem is this Socratic method movement. It's the worst thing to happen to the American education system. Every teacher wants to be contemporary and not teach like their professors did. Gone are the times of the lecture, now it's all about open discussion. Yes it was done sucessfully by the likes of Socrates, but it's not done right nowadays. Professors are to allow the students to participate, while keeping control of the topic. Yes, professors let us talk, but they don't add they're expertise anymore. The class just becomes a student forum.

I didn't pay $900 to hear a bunch of morons tell me what they think of the world, I want to hear something substantial. So it's either that the professors are lazy, or that they don't know the subject that they're supposed to be teaching. Any way, I want my money back.

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Anonymous said...

The ailing Socratic movement that you speak of is only a downfall in an instution that lacks the high standards that we expect. Thus, a room full of students who are motivated and dedicated to their work, who are eager to learn more will accomplish the goals that will make the 900$ worth it. However, to be in such an atmosphere costs much more that 900$. More like 30G's. Unless you move to another state and wait for residency, such as Cali., VA, Mich, and a few others.