Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Do It, Do It!

F-L-O-R-I-D-A- S-T-A-T-E Florida State Florida State Florida State. WHOO!!!

You know, they really have to stop doing this to me every year. It's too much pressure for one fan to handle, having the biggest game of the year coming up first. Thank god they won't be setting it up like this anymore.

We rocked it out in the Orange Bowl. And we did it with player named Decody Fagg. But I think having a name like Buster Davis kind of makes up for it. We should give that guy a Heisman just for going through his college career with Fagg as his last name. What a terrible name. At least that's better than the newest freshman recruit at Florida State, running back Diarrhea McPenis. Life's gonna be tough for him. story


Jeff said...

Diarrhea McPenis? can you provide any more info on this, I've googled the crap (no pun) out of his name and can't find anything. I really ant to believe this is true but somehow....

pierre said...

Keep looking. I don't have any links myself but I know he played for the Anal Dodgers at one point. Good luck!