Thursday, September 28, 2006

Quick Movie Review: Jackass 2

These guys are gonna kill themselves. The Stooges of our day are at it again in Jackass: Number Two. Get it? Give it a second. The movie was funny as hell. People willing to mutilate themselves for my enjoyment are always great. You can tell there are safety elements in place, but you wonder how much they really help.

Some people said they felt sick watching parts of it. I didn't get that at all. And I'm pretty squeamish. I guess I expected it, so it didn't surprise me. One reviewer that gave the movie a half star said she couldn't eat four hours after it. haha Poor lady.

My one gripe is the over-acting, if you could even call it that. It does seem like the guys are playing it up for the cameras some times--not a lot, but a few times. Like not laughing because they feel something's funny, but laugh because it should be funny--if that makes any sense.

And what's with the bruises!? God, those things looked godawful. Welts in weird places, and Wee-man's ass looking like a minefield.

If you like the show, or if you liked the first one, watch it. But watch it with people. Get some friends together, and watch it like on Friday night at 8pm. Annoying kids talking won't be a problem when the entire theater is cracking up and gagging. Good times. B+

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