Monday, October 02, 2006

Sleeping On The Job: CBS Sunday Football

I enjoy my Sunday afternoons--probably the most peaceful time slot in my week. So yesterday, after a long morning at church I retreated to my haven of repose to enjoy some football on the plasma television in all of its 400 channels and 42 inches of glory.

I first turn to Fox HD and the Vikings are playing the Buffalo Bills. The picture looks great, but I don't really care much about either of those teams. I wanna see my Dolphins get another win after a tumultous game in the week past. So I turn to CBS HD and something's not right. I can barely make out the players. It just looks like blue and orange smudge all over the screen!

What the f is going on at CBS that they can't get a damn HD camera down to the game so I can watch the Fins struggle with high definition! It didn't even look like the regular tv projection! It looked like the home video from high-school games. Apparently they asked one of players' mom's to videotape the game for them on her Sony Handycam.

I got paid (partially) for an HD tv and pay (sort of) for HD service, and I'm going to watch some damn HD football. So I found myself watching the uninteresting Vikings game as opposed to squinting and straining to watch the Fins.

Apparently I didn't miss much. Texans 17, Dolphins 15 - Miami Herald

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