Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gripes: FAU Musings

One of the good things about having laptop is that I can talk about stuff as I see it happen around campus. And there's a lot of crap to gripe about. So here are: Gripes!

Gripe one is white people sitting on the floor. What the hell is with white kids and the urge to plop their asses on the dirty, bug-ridden ground! These kids don't need a courtyard with seats or benches, they just need an empty field of grass. Filled with ant mounds, mud, and dragon flies.

Next gripe: plumber's ass on fat chicks! First off, there are so many hot chicks at this campus. In most places, hot chicks come around like rare white buffalo. But around here they roam freely. They are a species in abundance at FAU. So when I see a fat nasty chick with a huge belly sit down and expose her mile long hairy ass crack I want to lose my lunch. I'm actually sitting about ten feet from an offender right now and I'm having trouble typing.

Can't we make some kind of decency rule against it. If a hot cheerleader walks around with a low-cut halter top and shows a quarter inch of aereola the campus police would arrest her for indecent exposure. Well, fat hairy crack is pretty damn indecent! Its cruel and unusual! Our priorities are all out of whack. Ooh, a hot co-ed just sat at my table. Time to get to work. I love this campus.

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