Monday, October 30, 2006

Big Shouts

My life ain't all that bad; and there are a few people that deserve recognition for keeping me going. Now it's time to thank all the people that made my life better last week.

First shouts go to Denise, Natalie, and JR for throwing sick Halloween parties. Denise as Rainbow Brite was nice, at least until another chick came to the party with the same costume. Oooh wee. Denise bitched about it then said, "She's lucky I'm drunk." Then the chick was bitching at her friends later and said, "You know, she's lucky I'm drunk!" Interestingly enough, alcohol STOPS fights between chicks. If we guys could only be so lucky. Jumby Bay was rocking; then I had to check out Natalie and the rest of the Boners out in the middle of nowhere; sorry I meant in Royal Palm Beach.

Shouts to Joel for putting me on to some new shows. 1 vs. 100 is a sweet new game-show. I like trivia shows, and Ken Jennings makes a guest appearance. And Studio 60 is solid. And it's a good thing that all of the majors jumped on the online tv bandwagon. You can watch pretty much any new show from the networks online. I'm watching Shark now. Good show. Oh, and Fox's Standoff is slightly watchable.

Big shouts to Peyton Manning for running a two-minute drill like he was in a scrimmage game. And to the Oregon State Beavers for unseating the USC Trojans in the biggest upset this year.

I wonder who's going to come through for me this week?

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