Monday, November 06, 2006

My Hero

I don't know what I would do with out this laptop. I'm sitting in Human Resources Management now and I would blow my brains all over this desk if I didn't have the net to keep me company. Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about: Heroes.

The newest NBC "hit" is gaining a pretty big fan base, and I'm giving it a chance before I bash it. I'm almost done with the second episode and I can't believe how unwatchable the show is. I'll just say the most irritating thing about it, so as to not make this a bitchfest.

The overacting, the overacting, the overacting!! And a new word for me; overwriting. How could you show a studio exec a script like this and get a green light?!?!?!

Chick walks into an art studio. A rough-looking guy is pacing the room frantically.
"Stop it! Get away from me!"
"What?! What's wrong?"
"I can't believe this happened!"
"Can't believe what happened?"
"It just doesn't make sense!?"
"John, what's going on."
"Not what's going on, what's already HAPPENED!"
He shoves a painting in her face
"So, it's just a painting."
"Yea, of a terrorist bombing on a bus in Israel."
" looks pretty good."
He now shoves a newspaper article in her face
"The same terrorist bombing! I made that painting three weeks ago!"
"It's just a coincidence."
"Until you look at the number on the bus."
The camera slowly zooms in on the number in the newspaper as the music gets louder and more dramatic. Then an extreme close-up on her face. And an extreme EXTREME close-up on the painting with the same number.

You would honestly tell me that you wouldn't throw those people out of your office? Or at least order an immediate rewrite with a writer that could turn down the volume just a bit. We can't make it a little more subtle.

Heroes fans, when you watch this weeks episode pay attention to a few things for me. I haven't seen it but I already know a few things that you'll see. The most obvious one will be one character in the midst of some hurried activity like the example above. And there will be someone trying to tell them something. They will ignore the person and keep doing whatever they're in the middle of until the other character makes some activity altering statement. It'll go something like this.

"John, I have to tell you something."
"I don't know what to do."
"John, listen to me."
"That weird event that just happened to me is unexplainable"
"John! I turned on the tv today from my couch!"
"So...that happens all the time. There are more serious things happening in the world."
Cue the dramatic overture!!!!!

I could easily fill this web page with the problems with the show; the uber serious narration, the pretentiousness, the acting, the directing, even the lighting sucks!

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