Friday, November 10, 2006

My Radio Adventure

I was on the radio today! But I kind of screwed it up though.

They were talking about the Borat movie and the frat guys that filed a lawsuit cause they looked like a bunch of idiots. The host said for anyone that saw the movie to call in and tell him what the guys said since he hadn't seen it yet.

I was stoked and dialed right away. I figured they'd never get to me, or if they did it would be after like a half-hour of waiting. hey answered right away and the screener put me through:

"We have Pierre on the mobile!"
"Uhh...hey guys."
"So Pierre, you saw the movie, tell us what did the guys say?!"
"Umm...they like said a bunch of offensive stuff."
"Wow, I bet! What kind of stuff did they say?"
I totally blanked out. I couldn't remember anything.
"You know...I really don't remember exactly, but uhh..."
"Did they make fun of Jews?"
"Yea, there was some Jewish stuff in there."
"And women?"
"Yea, yea some mean stuff about women."
They realized I didn't know shit.
"So Pierre, this movie has been banned in certain cities. And it only opened in about 800 theaters, why do you think that was? Is there really offensive stuff in there.
Finally, something I knew.
"Well, it was Fox that backtracked with the opening. The movie didn't screen well, so Fox scaled back the opening."
"Okay, because it has done really well in the opening week."
Some co-host, "Yea it opened above every other film."
Dead line.

They didn't even say bye. Anyways, I need to get better on the spot. My heart was pounding and my voice got weak. I was thinking of trying some kind of public speaking course or something. A lot of people who know me don't know that I have real trouble speaking in front of people.

The thing I don't understand is that I used to do it for a living. I used to do door-to-door sales and I had to chat with strangers all day long. I totally lost the vibe. I'll get it back. Holler.

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