Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Conversation

A fish swam up to a sponge sitting on the ocean floor. He asked the sponge, "If you could be anything...anything at all, what would you be?"
The sponge responded,"Anything?"
"Anything, anywhere, any way you want."
"Okay then, a barnacle."

How odd is it that we claim to be using our limitless imaginations but we usually end up settling for so little.

Just like the sponge we might be wishing for a reality that never enters new realms or breaks any boundaries. Then we become stuck. Stuck in the sameness of life. Repeating the same situations until we grow old and regret our journey.

It's funny how in the 60's there were science fiction shows about how things would be in the distant future. They had a wife in the kitchen in a dress and heels using a turbo oven to cook a meal while the husband came home in a flying car.

Nowhere in their vision could they imagine a future where the woman didn't wear a dress and cook. Or that they would go to work.

I don't know about you but I'm wishing for what has never been wished for. I'm not sure where my journey is going to end up, but I'm not going to slow it down by limiting my imagination to what I see around me.

Sometimes it feels weird being on a journey that has no clearly defined limits. All I know is I'm committed to giving myself the chance to do it.

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